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Jul 19, 2024


Energy policy should get top priority

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A clear, well defined and aggressive Energy policy should be the top priority of the new government formed after the next elections. We are suffering from deprivation for no other reason than our own doings (or not doings). Every drop of water, every ray of the sun, every whiff of breeze, and every pound of coal is waiting to be converted into energy and we are adamant upon ignoring these bounties of God.

Pakistan is poor because we spend most of our earnings on importing fuel oil. If we tap our God gifted resources of flowing rivers, shining sun, blowing wind and the vast coal deposits, we would be having enough electrical energy to run our industries, fuel our transport system completely, provide very cheap electricity to households to raise living standard of the people and encourage cottage industry by providing free electricity to it.

Energy is life – we cannot run on borrowed life and yet wish to be healthy. We must get down seriously on this one pointed aim of aggressively tapping our energy resources and divorcing the imported middle eastern oil which besides draining us of our foreign currency reserves, brings with itself so much baggage that we are literally crippled and reduced to being perpetual beggars, despite our potential wealth of immeasurable resources.

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