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Appeal to Chairman NHA Islamabad
"Parental perception towards gendered education
Pluralism is the only solution... "Rational Thoughts" By Shafiq Ahmad
GLOF............Prof. Karim
Rescue Chitral
Why peace in Chitral is Important?
Illogical delay in the execution of mini projects
Appeal to control Environmental Disaster in Chitral
Gender Equality is real not a myth
Role of Language in one’s Identity
Chitral Students Welfare Association Lahore
Pathak ‘A Beautiful Festival of Injigan’
Memorial Du'a held for members of PK-661 crash
Edhi Sahib, Indelible In Our Memories
Injustice Calling
Dear Mr. Prime minister!


We are addicted to Facebook
Sad Truths about Teen Suicide
Our Real Economic Position
Khowar Music:
No kin left outside: A call to community
When the day comes,
Islam: The progressive way of life
Complex we have of speaking English
Waraich: A Restless Soul
The breathes of One Hundred & Twenty-six
Our birth is but a sleep!
The Misfortunes of The PIA
Health benefits of eating dried apricots
Complex we have of speaking English
Constraints to Pakistan's Economy
Is Modern Civilization a Failure?
Special Congratulation to Donal J.Trump
Radio Pak
Ban Fossil Fuel Industry in Climate Change Negotiations
Opinion on the outdated system of education!!!
The Ignored centre of Mountain Strategies
NTS torture
Thanks to Engineer Naeem Khan
Nawaz Sharifs Visit to Chitral on 7th Sept
Prime Minister’s proposed visit to Chitral
Plights of NTS appointees Teachers
“What Makes a Good Writer?”
Increasing Rate of Suicide
Suicide case of a student Tahira Bibi
Members of National Assembly Chitral Visit
Shandure Speaks Itself on its own Count:

Indian PM Modi statement

Condemnation Indian atrocities and ‘Human Rights violation' in,,
Women of Chitral as Restrained Part of the Society    
Public Health Sector: Taken for granted
Appreciate to Aga khan School Kuragh
Lest We Forget:
Awareness seminar on corruption in Chitral.
Better Education Needs Satisfied Teacher
Returning the true essence of Ramzan
Health is wealth
Tourism and Chitral
Easy with " security" please
Public bono lawyers forum...... 3 MPO issue
Sovereignty debate
Electricity in Chitral
Light up your future with what you have!
Death and Dying
Labour day and contemporary issues
Our Pride ......... Captain Ajmal Shaheed
Status of Education in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Closing eyes from the resource management
Truth about Palliative Care
Thanks to Abdul Akbar Chitrali for financial support
Challenges Underlying Palliative Care
Grief and Loss
Kulbushan Jadhav’s arrest; India Will Never Confess!
Importance of Health in promoting Life Dimensions
Our Paradise Chitral; is losing its Identity: Changes and Measures
Crying Birds & their savior Rehmat Jaffar Ali Dost!
Extermination of Migratory Birds in Chitral
Parsan Karimabad valley lacking basic facilities
Chitral-Gilgit Polo Match at Peshawar

Opportunities in Nursing

 Terich Mir Diary
Protection of Lives of Soldiers on Siachen, End of Siachen Dispute
Pathak ‘A Beautiful Festival of Injigan’
Mineral processing and development zone demanded

Death of  Shaji Sahib Ghoru

Public Protests against delay in construction of Torkhow/Mastuj Road
Rural Area People still Looking forward
Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari
Let’s Exchange Peace on New Year
Distt Admn. should take the cleansing mission to a logical end
Right of Compensation for Flood Losses
People Friendly initiatives of DC Chitral are appreciated
Mobilink  and PEMRA role
“16/12/14” A BLACK DAY
Paris and “Post Paris”
Disaster management exhibition in PU
Open letter to Director General PDMA Khyber Pukhtunkha KPK.
Urgent measures to takle phenomenon of flood in Ayun
Deforestation, Flooding and Response in Kalasha Valleys
Chitral-the hinterlands and relief items
Iqbal Day, Holiday & Interior Ministry
Exempting Chitrali students from paying University fee
2015- a year of disasters for Chitral and Relief Items.
Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metrobus.
Should Baby’s Gender be disclosed during ultrasound
Sufism as a Path to Counter Extremism
The neglected victims of recent floods.
Important announcements should not go un-noticed
should baby’s gender be disclosed during ultrasound
Open letter to President, Polo Association Chitral
The liquid gold goes waste
Qaqlasht Housing Scheme is an Ill Conceived Initiative
Floods devastate Terich valley
Open Letter to District Nazim Chitral Haji Maghfirat Shah,
Well done SRSP-You Did “Well”

Oil Tankers filled with fuel stopped at Panakot Dir for 12 days.

Closure of lowari tunnel for truckers on Saturday & Sunday.
Reduce women harassment increases women empowerment
Kashgar-Gawadar Corridor
Cricket World Cup
Open letter to AC Mastuj
Shutter down wheel-jam-strikes and poor Man
Poor reception of Radio Pakistan in Chitral and adjoining areas
The Child is the Father of a Man
Transparency must be ensured in appointment of SSTs
Politics in Pakistani perspective and Islam
Pictorial health warning on cigarette packs
Need of technical education for our youth
Our Banana Republic

A Puff, curiously enough; Memoirs of an underage smoker! 

Pakistan Cricketers Performance In Cricket World Cup
Knowledge is Power
Price and fare control: failure of the Chitral district administration:

Ideology of Ex-MPA GM

Happy New Year
Enough is Enough
Peshawar incident & paramilitary uniforms
Announcement of Admissions at Quaid-I-Azam University, Isb
Inauguration ceremony of the newly built campus of BSS held
Petroleum Prices & Inflation
Identity in the modern World
The soothing tone of her voice flooded my eyes
 A Question which made me perplexed
Women empowerment a key change agent:
Congratulation to Akhtar Iqbal as Country Chief In AKF Pakistan
Open letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan
Delay in Appointment of Teacher Assistant
To my Sisters in Chitral
Pakistan Government & Banks Toll Free Numbers
Dilapidated Condition of Booni to Chitral road
Chitrali youth demolished by drug addiction.
Drugs in Chitral
“Dragon Lake Saga” (Nahango Chhat)
Proposal: By National Youth Assembly
Warsak Silting
Effects of FaceBook

Plights of Girls Degree College Chitral in PTI,s Edu: Emergency

PIA Standard
The valley of darkness

Waterlogging gradually washing out the beautiful valley of Parsan

Checking Deforestation in Chitral is Welcomed
Speedy justice demanded
Nursing now a days
The only thing should be done for the chitrali student
Condemnation of irregularities on Chelum Jusht
Cleanliness Highlighted as the Biggest Issue in Schools in Chitral!
Separate board and university in Modern Era for Chitral District.
Radio Chitral
PM Youth Business Loan
Appeal to DC Chitral
Psychological aspects of pre-adolescence suicides in districts Chitral
Five days a week
World Thalassemia Day
Human Traits on Facebook
Internet for HEIs in KPK
Dowry System an Issue in Our Culture
Early Marriages in Pakistan
Time to take a stance
UNDP saves a large area of land for deprived community in Chitral.
Unemployment Rate in Pakistan
Need of religion in today’s world.
Movement for Nifaz- ul- Sharea Chitral
NTS, E&SE Chitral & KPK Government Should take Notice
How long humiliation of Chitrali people should continue?

Spinach-The Eye Remedy. ..Psychological help is essential for .....

The Arts and Crafts Movement......MATERNAL MORTALITY RATE......

“Why America is so involve in Pakistani matters and why......

Children Deprived of Education in Pakistan.

Rampant street crimes in Karachi

Education Reform – Need of the Day
Women’s health in rural areas of Pakistan
All they need is respect
Shortage of nurses in hospital
Children Deprived of Education in Pakistan.

Benefits of colostrum for baby

Pakistan’s future at risk-----All thy need is respect
Anxiety and Depression-----CLEAR THE AIR

Junk food leads to obesity.

Quacks golden business in Karachi
Importance of Good Health
Saving lives and paramedical staff

Violence in public

Sedentary life style increases the burden of diseases
The voice of children: stories about hospitalization

A dilemma created by KP E&SE and NTS..

Kagh Lasht [Chitral] housing scheme:
Chitral Shelter house
Under the shadow of Death
Problems of Students need to be resolved

Mostly Chitrali students isolate from their families

G.D Langlands’ Philanthropic Approach.
Qalandar suggests Flour mills for Chitral

Online complain for Passport and CNIC

Burj Khalifa without Masjid or pray place

General request for private companies incorporating aviation

Why cardiac/heart diseases are increasing in Chitral?

Risky lawari top traveling
Negligence of SBB University Upper Dir,

جنسی امراض, بچاؤ کے طریقے Letter II

Congratulations to Dr. Azizullah

 “We are those who’ll lead the world”

Chitrali candidates demands alternate NTS exam center


Suggestion for opening of Lawari Tunnel in winter Season
Preserve the wildlife and their places.

Travel through Lowari tunnel on daily basis

Animal Cruelty In Pakistan

Ban On YouTube,  We've Had Enough

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Is there any network Deception in Pakistan

Speeding vehicles.

SALAM to PAK Army -Focus on Defense

Lowari Tunnel to open on daily basis without any wastage time
The Concept of Holiday and Islam 

Exemplary Coordination Of The District Administration Chitral

Salute to Dr Khurshid-ul-Mulk: The Prince of Arkari
The Contemporary Muslim World
An Owl and the Fox: My humble effort to translate it into English

Suicide: An emerging issue in the context of Chitral

Brogholites witnessed visit of the first D.C of Chitral
Chitrali Music Undergoes Change: young boys ruling the roost
Pitiable condition of Chitral -Booni Road
 "A man Who never fails to impress"
Illegal Wagon Adas letter II
Illegal Wagon Adas at Peshawar
Appeal to Deputy Commissioner Chitral

Congratulations to all brilliant students

Reply on the topic written by Mir Hassamuddin
Increased Prevalence of Depression

We lost our assets

An issue to be acted upon …
Jannat Sonoghur
Epidemic of Corruption
For attention of PTI Chairman


"Iftari Package"  open letter to Chief Minister...letter II

Mehnaz Liaquat Completes M.Phil for Phd

Ispa Shapikan Zahan wa Shakhan Nam

Govt. loosing Nine Crore Rupees in providing useless Aftari Items

Socio-Economic Problems of Pakistan
Economy of Pakistan
Dire Need of University

SGRM arranged free career counseling workshops

A Treasured Jewel of Chitral
Wrong Date sheet issued by BB University
Letter to Brigadier Khush Muhammad

The new Beginning

Appeal to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtonkha (KP)

Human Trafficking and Modern Technology

Nature of the World

Illiteracy and It’s Consequences

Female suicidal rate in male dominant societies

Arts Therapy
Transforming the Chitral River into the most precious asset
"Chitral, one of the most neglected district of KPK" II
Energy and Load shedding crisis
WiFi alert
Election Pakistan
Losing PPP candidate threatens hunger strike till death
Discrimination with North
First Chitrali Shaheed in Pak Rangers
Traffic problems
Elections 2013 & Our Elected persons
Chitral Times effort lauded
Lowari pass closure, voters facing difficulties to reach their constituency
The Changing Political Environment in Chitral
Return of the Patriot-A Brief Review

Representative of  JFMC also parts of timber mafia

The Great Assistant Commissioner Mastuj
Priorities of Political Leaders in Chitral
Origin of the Kalasha People
Political Parties revolve around Booni
Timber Mafia in Chitral

Shireen Khowar

Chitral and environmental challenges
MQM in Chitral
Devastating condition of Lowari tunnel
Chitral-Booni Road
One of the most neglected districts of KPK
Dowry Culture Prevailing in Chitral
Young Leadership of Chitral
Permanent Need for English Language
Role of Political Parties in Pakistan
Promotion of Farsi in Chitral
Real sense of Responsibility.
Chitralization, natural (minerals) resources of Chitral.
Revisiting Youtube Ban in Pakistan
Deforestation in Chitral
Misunderstandings about AKRSP Chitral
Suicide among Young Adults

Condolence Letters....to the family of Sardar Ahamd

Kalasha tribe of Pakistan
Corruption in Pakistan’s health sector: an emerging issue 

Paving the way for PPP Success

Women's status in Islam

SBB University Staff attitude

Two Words

Positive Thinking Positive Outcome

How a dream comes true?  An inspirational story.

Mismanagement of SBBU

Overview of Bee Keeping in Chitral District

Biodiversity: Global and Local Narrative
Khowar Calendar---Suggestions
A tale of Power Committee

Appeal to Mr. Chief Justice Peshwar Court for Justice

Happy New Year

Pride of Chitrali Student
Shireen Khowar
Could I convey my message to every single daughter!!

Liberty..............Susan Pari

Devaluation of Pakistani Rupee

Desensitization to bomb explosions

Education- The 1.3% Shareholder of our Future
Scholarships for MBA, and MSc Agricultural Students
HEC Funded Research Project Launched in Chitral
PIA Deterioration
December 3rd, International day of Disabled persons
Dire need of fully-fledged University for Chitral.
We can bring Change.
Is this Restoration or Destruction of The Most Famous Mosque?
Student Life

Islam is the religion of peace and love:

The role of Mullas

Autumn....by Javed Hayat
Comments on  Dr. Rahmat Aman article on Iodine
An open letter to Mehtar e Chitral.

Rising extremism needs to be checked in Chitral

Concept of Global village and VWireless phone service in Chitral
The immutable Concept having over my valley.
Frailty thy name is woman
Vacant Posts of Doctors in Chitral
Distortion of Chitral History By a Novice Researcher
In response of "Influx of Outland People in Chitral"by M. Ilyas
Potential of Tourism In Chitral
Kalashamun, an Endangered Language of Pakistan
Qari Faizullah – A Chitrali to be proud of!!
Lack of buses: Booni female college students remind CM of his promise
Doors opening for the development of Chitral

Appeal to Chief Secretary Khyberpokhtoonkha

Chitral Police role lauded

Felicitation to Dr. Faizi
In-completion of developmental works at Chitral

Welcome Mr. Khan

Familiarity breeds contempt or admiration?
Rising trends of Drug Abuse in Chitral
Drivers fleecing passengers
Utility stores selling poor quality stuff
Condolence messages for Mr. Amirullah Yaftali & his family
Person sent to jail due to forwarded message

Man sent to jail for bad mouthing DCO Chitral

Mastuj Broghal Road, Its strategic importance and social implications
Hard aspects of 'Soft' Chitral

Students and Political influence

What is a difference between TV anchor, Journalist and Bloggers?
Environmental impact of Shandur Festival Letter..II
Environmental Impact of Shandur Festival
A‘Chetrar’ under Katur dynasty : Domain and political structure.

Congratulations to Mr. MUshahid Hussain

Shandur Festival and VIP ‘catwalk’

Summer vacation & Some Schools still open

Environmental degradation in Chitral!
Beware: unauthorized ‘business’ dealers on the prowl

Hydel Power Projects in Chitral And Tectonic Fault Zones

Open letter to DPO Chitral.

Gratitude from foreign Para gliders
Innocents are the victims in Karachi city violence
Case for Chitral Province

Acceptance of anyone is unbearable in life why?

Suicide among Adolescent
How did I become a Teacher?

Current Crises between Judiciary & Executive 

Shandur road widening in the doldrums
Poor performance of U phone network
Do not reinvent the wheel—Thalassemia prevalence needs attention
Students organizations condemn the release of accused......

Remembering A Female Teacher

Precious lands at the risk of being swept away

HAEMOPHILIA-Understanding psychosocial insights and the remedy

Appeal for Help with Our Mother
Status of Women
Choosing a Right Career

Town Planning.. It’s time to think about

Congratulation to Engr. Fida Ahmad
Thanks to Commander HQ FC NA Gilgit
AIOU is in economic crisis?
We condemns the killing of Zahid Hussain ...CSWO Isb
Etesalat and Pak Telecommunication 
Congratulations to Dr Inayatullah Faizi

جنسی امراض بچاؤ کے طریقے  

SSC Annual Examination with Poor sitting arrangements

Why Nursing profession and Nurses?

Climate Change.. A blessing for Chitral

Message for Chitralians
Should Patients be allowed to View their own Medical Records?
A question floating in mind of Chitrali Students in Karachi
Best wishes and congratulations on Chitral times 9th anniversary
My request to the Public Health Department
Deforestation in Chitral....Letter-IV
Influx of Outland People in Chitral
The color of universe is from the existence of the female”
The soul mates

Interior Ministers' statement condemned

Harassments on Nurses:
Domestic Violence
Nurses Help in Decreasing Mortality Rate
Sustainable Micro Hydel Projects ‘The’ Dream of the Rural Community
Rescue Chitral from Catastrophe

Violation of Notification 2008 by Private Hospitals of Sindh.

Message for Students
Low Life standard of Nurses
Let us keep some and change some
Work load on Nurses affects on patients care
Difference between Government Nurses and Private Nurses
Condolence to the family of Mughal Baz Laspur
Nurses Demands Dignity and Respect

The Effects of Stigma related to HIV-AIDS diagnosed women’s in Society

Eat Meat by Zehra Parvani

Serving Higher Education-A University For Chitral

Role of an Oncology Nurse
We are still enduring
Continuing Professional Development must be priority for Nurses
Better News for Chitralis
Deforestation in Chitral
Time to align for interest articulation
Early marriage and its consequences
Drug Abuse & Society
Impact of Poverty on Health
Local Government System in Chitral
Ayun incident and Political Leaders of Chitral
Privatize WAPDA

Reply to the Letter by Dr. Zubaida Sirang

Chitral Board
YARKHUN -The beautiful valley of Chitral

Congratulation to Nizar Ali

Students Are Ethical Leaders.

Congratulations to Tariq Mehmood

Condolence message for Col Akramullah
Importance of Communication.
Comments on "Lets move to protect Chitral"
A humble request to the concerned authorities
Daughter of Chitral...Letter II
My Dead Line Changed to Life Line By An Angelic Hand
All Chitral & Gilgit tournament final match will be played on 20th Nov
Lets Move to Protect Chitral
Dr. Muhammad Ismail Wali: A Symbol of dedication and commitment
Effect of Students’ Classroom Participation on Students’ Learning
Values of Life
Chitral: “mounteous paradise”
Use of Cooperative Learning Teaching Strategy (Jigsaw)
Congratulation to the people of Mastuj, Yarkhun and Laspur
Sir Aga Khan III’s birth anniversary
CSWO Achievements
My Message for Daughters of Chitral

Condolence to the Royal Family

Brief History of Ex Mehter Chitral HH Prince Saif ul Mulk Nasir
Homage to Abdur Razaq


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