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Pluralism is the only solution... "Rational Thoughts" By Shafiq Ahmad
Northern Pakistan must Prioritize Clean Energy
Effect of socioeconomic factors in the utilization of health services in..
Factor causing delay in treatment of Pt seeking emergency services
Why peace in Chitral is Important?
Workers of the World
A  Human is the Enemy of Human
Illogical delay in the execution of mini projects
The ideological dream verses the actuality of Pakistan
Role of Language in one’s Identity
Pathak ‘A Beautiful Festival of Injigan’
We are addicted to Facebook
Sad Truths about Teen Suicide
No kin left outside: A call to community
When the day comes,
Islam: The progressive way of life
Waraich: A Restless Soul
The breathes of One Hundred & Twenty-six
Our birth is but a sleep!
The Misfortunes of The PIA
Constraints to Pakistan's Economy
Is Modern Civilization a Failure?
Services and Contribution of Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III
Ban Fossil Fuel Industry in Climate Change Negotiations
The Ignored centre of Mountain Strategies
“What Makes a Good Writer?”
Women of Chitral as Restrained Part of the Society    
Lest We Forget:
Health is wealth
Death and Dying
Labour day and contemporary issues
Status of Education in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Closing eyes from the resource management
Truth about Palliative Care
Prince Burhanuddin of Chitral (A World War II Veteran)
Challenges Underlying Palliative Care
Climatic Changes and our Dearest Pakistan
Grief and Loss
Kulbushan Jadhav’s arrest; India Will Never Confess!
Importance of Health in promoting Life Dimensions
Our Paradise Chitral; is losing its Identity: Changes and Measures
Grief and Loss
Pathak ‘A Beautiful Festival of Injigan’
Paris and “Post Paris”
Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan
Should Baby’s Gender be disclosed during ultrasound
Remembering Captain Ajmal Shaheed
Cultural Diversity in Chitral
Facebook...E-Commerce.. Mom a blessing
Female Harassment in Public Transport:
A Common Man becomes “Superman”
A Harassing Journey
“One Step Forward – Edu. System of Masters in Business Admin...
Empowerment of women
Early Age Marriage
Supreme qualities of women
Saudi Arabia : An Odd Islamic country
Knowledge is Power
Universal children's day-the overall child rights situation in Sindh,
Shandur Top – Chitral and Phandur-Gilgat, two mesmerizing places
The soothing tone of her voice flooded my eyes
A Question which made me perplexed
Women empowerment a key change agent:
A tribute to Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan-III
Waterlogging gradually washing out the beautiful valley of Parsan
Tested Way to Stop Terrorism and Boost Pakistan's Economy
Psychological aspects of pre-adolescence suicides in districts Chitral
The New Rising Blood
World Thalassemia Day
Dowry System an Issue in Our Culture
Early Marriages in Pakistan
Movement for Nifaz-ul-Sharea Chitral

“Why America is so involve in Pakistani matters and why......

Why cardiac/heart diseases are increasing in Chitral?
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
SALAM to PAK Army -Focus on Defense
The Concept of Holiday and Islam 
The Contemporary Muslim World

Suicide: An emerging issue in the context of Chitral

Increased Prevalence of Depression

Epidemic of Corruption

Jannat Sonoghur
The new Beginning
Female suicidal rate in male dominant societies
Transforming the Chitral River into the most precious asset
Dependency on single Textbooks in teaching and learning Mathematics
Return of the Patriot-A Brief Review
Anger is a social attitude, and restrictive one.


Origin of the Kalasha People

Shireen Khowar

Child Trafficking in Pakistan
Dowry Culture Prevailing in Chitral
Revisiting Youtube Ban in Pakistan
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed and Chitral
They can’t talk and reason but can suffer: Use of animals........
Pregnancy after the Age of 40… a critical incidence analysis
Suicide among Young Adults
Kalasha tribe of Pakistan
Overview of Bee Keeping in Chitral District
Biodiversity: Global and Local Narrative
Could I convey my message to every single daughter!!

Liberty..............Susan Pari

Devaluation of Pakistani Rupee

Desensitization to bomb explosions

Impact of improper over handling.
Hazrat Bilal bin Rabah
Education- The 1.3% Shareholder of our Future
Patient’s right to know Medication Side-Effects
Distortion of Chitral History By a Novice Researcher
Potential of Tourism In Chitral
Kalashamun, an Endangered Language of Pakistan
A‘Chetrar’ under Katur dynasty : Domain and political structure.
Mongolia  by Dr Sajid Khakwani
Transfusion Transmissible Infections-intention for saving lives....
Suicide among Adolescent
How did I become a Teacher?
Netherlands by Dr Sajid Khakwani
Do not reinvent the wheel—Thalassemia prevalence needs attention

HAEMOPHILIA-Understanding psychosocial insights and the remedy

Why Nursing profession and Nurses?
Climate Change.. A blessing for Chitral
Should Patients be allowed to View their own Medical Records?
Vital role of L.H.V’s  in community setting
Domestic Violence
Nurses Demands Dignity and Respect

The Effects of Stigma related to HIV-AIDS diagnosed women’s in Society

Eat Meat by Zehra Parvani

Serving Higher Education-A University For Chitral

Role of an Oncology Nurse
Continuing Professional Development must be priority for Nurses
Time to align for interest articulation
Early marriage and its consequences
Impact of Poverty on Health
My Dead Line Changed to Life Line By An Angelic Hand
Dr. Muhammad Ismail Wali:A Symbol of dedication & commitment
Effect of Students’ Classroom Participation on Students’ Learning
Chitral: “mounteous paradise”
Use of Cooperative Learning Teaching Strategy (Jigsaw)
Sir Aga Khan III’s birth anniversary
Mirza Muhammad Ghufran
History of Census in Chitral
Chitral’s emerging political scene
Junk Food vs. Healthy Nutrition for YOUNG Children
Negligence: A never ending story
Causes of Inhibition between parents and Children.


Causes of Depression in Chitrali Youth

Good Governance

Every Child is Samrt in Their on Way
Effect of Nurses Stress on Patient Care
Nursing’s Future Challenges
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Role of Family In Gender Identity Construction
Developmental organizations and their impact in Chitral

Restraint: Help or Burden

Increasing Population and Poverty
To go for an Abortion or not?
Urgency for Shandur Tunnel
The History of Mulkhow Chitral
Mental Illness through the Lens of Society
They are led into darkness!!!...
Sexual Frustration in Adolescent

Life of an Exodus child of Bunner and Swat district-Pakistan

Study abroad

Qazi Abu Yousaf
Ironic trend in Chitral
PLEASE Don’t Fight!
Don’t call me naughty, but help me out!

"infertility Who to blame? "

“Punishment” more painful than its sounds

Flavors of Recreation

Brain drain : where it is taking us",
Another Essential Early Meal
Prejudice of a Male Nursing
Oh Mummy!! It Really Hurts
It’s time to decide, whether low-cost cellular services are good or bad?
Expressing Anger Is A Serious Business

Cry For Love and Respect!

What the Wicked and Slavery Mind-Set People Do?

Psychosocial Impact on Infertile Couple

Easy living with mental problems

Psychological stress of pregnant women in Pakistan
Are we desensitized to bomb blasts?”
Helpless Mothers
Who is MINE?
Effects of early marriages on women
Over Population in Pakistan and Its Impact on Development
Fruits: Anytime?
Emergence of Social Evils in Chitral

Challenges in Career Planning in Today’s World

Mobile culture in Chitral

Future of GREEN GOLD in Chitral

SMS Packages and Youth

Misuse of mobile & text messaging: We need to be careful

High Prevalence of Depression amongst Females in Chitral
NWFP is renamed
Who cares!

Culture, Health and Society

Abortion Leads to Suicide

Lawari Tunnel a great miracle in the World
High prevalence of Depression amongst females of Chitral.
Capparis spinosa------Kaveer the magical plant of Chitral
Population Welfare Program, NWFP
Unveil the Secrets of Good Memory
The New Economic View of Development
Ethics & Impartiality of Involuntary in Psychiatric Patients
Politics & Religion......Shamsun Nizar
Urgency of vegetables in nutrition and health
Sex Health Education in Schools
Hepatitis: An Alarming Threat

Production of Low-Priced Electricity In Chitral District.

The Night which could change our Destiny & our Life
Right of a Nurse to Be a Part in Decision Making
The problem of brain drain in Pakistan
Shujaur Rehman-An upright Prince
2008 Education Policy-
Becoming a Teacher
junk food in kids
Critical Incidence Analysis
Patient’s rights of autonomy
Social Isolation and Mental Health
Family Tale
Controversy over Shandur to affect tourism
Rights of dead body vs. Medical practices
Impact of Alcohol and drugs on Adolescents Life
H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan Speech at the Inaugtn. of  IC Dubai
Effects of mother employment on their children
Be Aware of your rights to Survive:
Use of Technology in School Mathematics Classroom
Emotional Intelligence in Nursing
Why do people commit suicide?
Facts about suicide
Sexual Health Education in School
Emotional Intelligence in Nursing
Combating Drug Abuse-Together we can do it
Presence of nurse during labor
Nurse's role in Palliative Care
Child Adoption: is it traumatizing or Cheerful?

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