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 April 13, 2017



Pak Army starts free distribution of boiled eggs and bread to school children

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The free distribution of boiled eggs and oiled bread to the school children by Pak Army on daily basis has drastically reduced the trend of absenteeism of the students in the government-run primary school of Gahirat, a backward village of Chitral.

The head teacher of the school, Shafiqur Rahman told Chitral Times that there were more than 250 students enrolled in the school who got a boiled egg and an oiled bread a day on behalf of Pak Army which was ordered last month by General Officer Commanding (GOC) of Pak Army Swat Division, Major General Ali Aamer Awan during his visit to the school.

Narrating the reason of starting the nutrition package to the students, he said that the GOC was on his visit to the school last month when some of the children standing in queue fell down apparently due to ill-health caused by malnutrition and it moved him to announce it on the spot.

He said that the students attended with more zest and enthusiasm than before and the attendance rate has greatly increased in the school where girls are enrolled due to the unavailability of girls school for them in the village.

He added that established in 1969, the school had only three rooms with a shortage of two classrooms and it was the GOC who ordered the construction of two class rooms which were erected within a short span of two weeks.

Muskan Bibi, a student of class 4 in the school, expressed her delight to receive an egg and bread every day in the school and said how her fellow students relished it.

Present on the occasion, Lieutenant colonel Adnan Shafiq said that to overcome the issue of malnutrition among the school going students in the far-flung villages, the GOC has approved a nutrition package costing Rs. 4.5 million which will last for three months.

He said that more than 3000 students will be benefitted from the package in the villages of Baroghil, Yarkhun Lusht, Pawer, Damil, Arandu, Arandu Gol, Gobor, Begusht, Jinjirat Koh and all the three Kalash valleys Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur.

He said that poverty and indigence was on rampage in the villages where children faced the issue of malnutrition adversely affecting both their physical and mental health and it was due to the reason that Pak Army decided the package with the help of Chitral Scouts in distribution process.

Later on, he distributed the nutrition package among the students.



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