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 April 02, 2017



Protest rally against Reshun hydro power held

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The consumers of electricity from the flood- ravaged hydro power station in Reshun of Mastuj tehsil have reiterated their stance of boycotting the forthcoming census to start from 25th April if no work is started on the restoration of the power house by the provincial government.

In a protest meeting held here in the Reshun chowk on Sunday, the speakers drawn from different areas of tehsil Mastuj said that the provincial government went back of its words several times and the consumers are once again skeptic about the commencement of work which had been reportedly awarded to a contractor by the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization.

They said that as many sixteen thousand households were provided by the 4.2 mega watt hydro power station which was constructed with the financial assistance of Germany Government and commissioned to work in 1994 while it stopped working when its generator room was washed away by the glacial lake outburst flood in 2015.

The speakers Nadir Jang, Haji Bulbul Aman, Ejaz Ahmed and others said that the government did not pay heed for the restoration of the power station whose power channel, forebay tank and transmission lines are still intact and only the generator room is to be rebuilt.

They regretted that the apathetic attitude of the government has caused loss of billions of rupees to the national exchequer which the 16 thousand consumers paid in the form of power bills.

They said that despite repeated assurance from the government sides in the past, no work was started on the restoration and this time too the PEDO officers came out with the claim of restoring the facility by hiring a contractor through open bids but no work seems to be started on the site despite the passage of a couple of months.

They said that when the frustrated consumers of electricity from the erstwhile power station came to launch mass agitation against the government, the rulers pacified them by such lame promises which never fulfilled.

They said that the people will no more be duped by such false rhetorics and promises any more as they determined to abstain from the process of census if their demand is not accepted.



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