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  July 28, 2017



Workshop on ‘Parental Role in Learners’ Learning and Personality Development’ held at AKHSS Kuragh

Report by Muhammad Nabi

KURAGH: To have a two-pronged discussion between school and home, a workshop with parents was organized at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh on the theme ‘Parental Role in Learners’ Learning and Personality Development.’ Quite a large number of parents, intellectuals, scholars and other stakeholders attended the session.

The program was hosted by Mr. Mukhtar Ali Khan along with Ms. Samina Mehmood and Muhammad Nabi, faculty of Mathematics, student counselor and faculty of English respectively. After the recitations, the Head of the School, Ms. Sultana Burhan Uddin welcomed the audience as well as shared the core objectives of the event. She underscored the importance of parents’ involvement in the learning process of their children. In her address she said that parents’ should give utmost priority to the child as they are heavily investing in his/her education, otherwise, the yawning gulf left due to parents’ detachment, could never by filled by any other entity.

To garner parents’ know-hows on the role they play in child development, theaudience were divided into 12 groups with more than 5 parents in each. They were tasked to discuss and pen down their practices on the given themes; career guidance, communication with the school and social and emotional development of a child. Each group presented their opinions varying from one to another.

A well-thought-out multimedia presentation to underline the scholarly articles and research findings on the topic was presented by Mr. Mukhtar Ali Khan. The main features of the presentation included the significance of parents’ role, the challenges for parents to play those roles, remedies to overcome those challenges and the ultimate benefit that a student gets as a result by performing well, developing trustworthy bond with the teacher and utter satisfaction from the school.
In order to share their practical experience of working in educational workplaces, Mr. Sahib U Rehman, Principal Government High School Booni, Ms. Mehrunisa, headmistress at Government Girls High School Booni, Mr. Burhan Uddin SST Teacher, Government School Charun were invited to occupy the seats of panelists. Responding to the questions, Mr. Sahib U Rehaman said that the parents who had attended the occasion were fortunate to have enrolled their children in a high caliber school as AKHSS Kuragh. He conveyed his precious ideas saying that parents’ encouragement, pecuniary support, and the liberty that they give to their children on career adoption, can make them outdo in any field. Ms. Ms. Mehrunisa Shared her experiences in the context of Chitral saying that parents should not disclose to their children the money they invest on them otherwise it will adversely affect their studies. He was of the view that avoidance of harsh language, creation of friendly environment, and acknowledgement of children achievementsusually boost their morale up. Mr. Burhan Uddin while talking on co-education opined that the issue does not lie in educating boys and girls together; rather, it is the lack of quality education that is the root cause of all the other issues.

After the panelist had shared their invaluable thoughts, Mr. Fida Muhammad, faculty of Islamiat thanked the parents to show up in large number. By the end, the audience was served with high tea.



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