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 August 04, 2017



Elites of Karimabad demands action against DC Chitral

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The elites and local bodies leaders of Karimabad valley have demanded of the government to take action against Chitral DC for his explicit support to those who are responsible for degeneration of environment leading to flash flood which thousands of households two years ago.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, the former zilla naib nazim Sultan Shah, member of zilla council Yaqub Khan and others said that eleven years ago, the villagers of Karimabad had entered into an agreement with Shahzada Haiderul Mulk as per which both the parties agreed upon banishing goats from the valley to conserve environment and stop the flash floods.

They said that Shahzada Haider blatantly dissolved the written agreement unilaterally without any reason a month ago and came to the valley with a herd of 345 goats and started grazing there.

They alleged that the violator enjoyed full support and backing of Chitral DC Shahab Hamid Yusufzai who revoked the orders of assistant commissioner for banning the rearing of goats in the valley and emboldened him to continue.

They reiterated that Shahzada Haider did not reside in the valley but he only owned pasture there and he was doing the practice imperiling the lives of people residing in more than 800 households of the valley.

They added that out of the 36 valleys of the district, Karimabad valley was the only one which remained completely secured from the flash floods in the year 2015 due to banishing of goat keeping.

They said that the violator was doctor by profession serving in health department but he was camped in the valley for the last one which is not being taken notice of by the concerned authorities.


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