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  March 19, 2017



Chitral Growth Strategy stakeholders roundtable meeting held

By Zahiruddin

With the help of Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF),  Chitral Growth Strategy is heading towards its final phase which covers all the sectors of development and will be based on the basic needs of the area pinpointed and prioritized by the people themselves taking the elected representatives on all tiers on board.

In the roundtable meeting of the stakeholders held under the aegis of district government, the members of provincial assembly from Chitral, the members of zilla and tehsil council, village nazims and the representatives of civil society organizations put forward their proposals.

Deputy Commissioner Chitral Shahab Hamid Yousufzai, DPO Chitral Syed Ali Akbar Shah and the district heads of different government departments were also in attendance and described the issues related with their respective departments and organizations to be incorporated in the strategy.

The PPAF high powered team comprised of Seemi Kamal, Maleeha Hussain, Tahir Malik, Lubna Javid, Murad Ali and Mustafa Memon while the round table was second of its series as the first one was held in January last in Islamabad.

Talking on the occasion, the district nazim said that CGS will ensure an integrated approach towards development so that no sectors of development could get equal attention and the development in one sector may not have inverse affect on the other as it was presently seen and observed creating jumbles.

He said that it was pleasant to note that all the political parties , all civil society organizations coupled with stakeholders in all tiers are one page about CGS with which the people of Chitral have attached great hopes.



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