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  March 20, 2017



Residents of Mastuj Tehsil decides to boycott the forthcoming census

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The residents of Mastuj tehsil have decided to boycott the forthcoming census to start from 25th April if the provincial government further delayed the much awaited work on the rehabilitation of 4.2 mega watt Reshun hydro power station which had been partially washed away by torrential floods in July 2015.

Addressing a protest meeting held at Reshun here on Sunday, the speaker village nazim Shahzada Munir, Haji Bubul Aman, Abu Lais Ramdasi, Syed Sardar Hussain Shah, Arifullah, Anisur Rahman and others regretted that the government turned a deaf ear to their repeated demand of rehabilitating the power station which supplied electricity to sixteen thousand households of the area.

They said that the flood had washed away only the generator room while the power tunnel, the forebay tank, the switch room and the transmission line were unaffected by the flood and rehabilitation of power supply was possible within a couple of months by reconstruction of the power house.

They alleged that the authorities of Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (PEDO) made phenomenal enhancement in its estimated cost and showed the whole power station damaged by the flood.

The speakers said that the residents of the area time and again approached the government with the request to restore the facility but no heed was paid to their frantic calls which forced them to resort to protests and boycott the census.

“The government always duped us with promises to start work on the site to pacify us but every time it went back of its words with the result that the people have lost their confidence on PTI government and they will continue their protest till work is started on the  site”, they said.


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