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  March 14, 2017



MNA wants another district created in Chitral

CHITRAL: Member National Assembly (MNA) Shahzada Iftikharuddin has asked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to create another district in Chitral to pave the way for better administrative management.

"Chitral is the largest district of the province in terms of area. If the three districts can be created in Kohistan, why not Chitral," the MNA told The News by telephone. The geo-strategic importance had necessitated the creation of new district in Chitral, he said, adding the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor had increased the strategic importance of the district.

The MNA said creation of a new district in Chitral had remained a longstanding demand of the people. "I hope the chief minister will pay heed to this genuine demand of the people before they take to the streets," he went on to add.

The federal legislator said Chitral had hydro power potential, tourism and after getting importance as the CPEC route it would become a major revenue generating part of the province. He said that he was not against creation of new district in any other district. "But the decision should be even-handed.

The sense of deprivation among the people will increase if no action is taken forthwith," he maintained. The MNA also asked the chief minister to release the funds for the Booni-Buzund Road. "The federal government has already sanctioned funds. The bridge in various areas in Morkhow and Torkhow could not be built if the funds are not released forthwith," he said, urging the chief minister to order the release of funds before the start of glacier-melting season. (The News)



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