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  March 10, 2017


District council demands relaxation in recruitment policy of teachers

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Zilla council Chitral here on Thursday, demanded of the government to make slight change in its recruitment policy of teachers in the government schools and made them transferable for Chitral district as the public sector schools in the district suffered the shortage of teachers due to the existing law.

In a unanimously passed resolution presented by Maulana Emadul Haq, it was contended that under the policy in vogue, the newly appointed teachers cannot be transferred to other schools, so when a post of teacher falls vacant in a school, it cannot be filled till the end of the academic session when tests and interviews are held for it.

Speaking in favour of the resolution, the members argued that keeping in view the peculiar geography and enormous size of the district, there should be different approach regarding recruitment and transfer policy of the teachers which suited it and the posts of teachers be transferable.

The registration of FIRs against the school teachers for low security measures in the government schools was termed an unwise and uncalled for practice which led to the waste of the time of the students as the teachers attended the courts instead of teaching.

The members reiterated that the FIRs should be registered against the district education officer and other higher officers above him instead of a teacher whose job description was teaching only and that provision of funds for the security gadgets was beyond his or her capacity and responsibility.

Through another resolution about education department passed unanimously, the members asked the government to ensure the availability of detailed marks certificate (DMC) and migration certificate in the camp office of board of intermediate and secondary education Peshawar at Chitral.

They regretted that at present, the camp office of the board had no utility and the students and their parents faced the same problems which they did in the past and the ordeal of a student from Yarkhoon valley was narrated who had to travel for three times covering a distance of 200 kilometers just for collecting his DMC which had been withhold by Peshawar office.

The members also expressed their dissatisfaction and concern about the faulty system of assigning examination duty to the teachers for matriculation and intermediate examination conducted by Peshawar board and said that there was a coterie of teachers who had become ‘thekadar’ as they got duties in each examination.

The desiltation process of irrigation channels by the irrigation department was also thoroughly discussed in the session in which almost majority of the members took part to vent their spleen on the officers of the department and termed its efficiency at abysmally low level.

The members Sher Aziz Baig, Ghulam Mustafa, Sher Muhammad, Maulana Emadul Haq, Maulana Jamshed, Muhammad Yaqub, Nabaik Kalash advocate and Muhammad Hussain were in unison to allege that most of the employees of the department meant for daily maintenance of the irrigation channels were being used as domestic servant by the officers in their homes.

The en-bloc absence of the officers of devolved departments of the district government from the session for the fourth day consecutively led to indignation of the members who demanded stern action against the recalcitrant government officers who blatantly defied the orders of the district council.

The session was later on prorogued by the convener of the council Maunala Abdul Shakoor for indefinite period which lasted for four days.



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