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  March 05, 2017


Clean and Green Pakistan campaign launches in Peshawar

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society CHEPS has started the year 2017 activities from Dubai with overseas Pakistanis followed by a cleanliness campaign in Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi, and cleanliness walk in Lahore Fort and a cleanliness campaign in Shakar Parian Islamabad. CHEPS cleaned Bagh-e-Naraan, Peshawar today as part of the clean and green Pakistan movement, and more than hundred people from different walks of life attended the cleanliness drive. The cleanliness drive was lead by many prominent personalities from Chitral like the Associate Professor in IMScience, Ismail Wali, Khalid Bin Walid, Minhas Uddin, Tehsil Nazim Lower Chitral Mr. Sartaj and many more. The chairman of CHEPS, Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost thanked the participants to join the cause of environmental protection. Chairman CHEPS showed much appreciation to the Tsunami plantation project of KP Government, but he highlighted a few things that he requested the KP administration to keep in mind before doing the plantation. First of all, he emphasized that the deforestation in the area should be discouraged and strictly prohibited, and the fruit trees should be planted in order to benefit environment and the people. He specifically mentioned that a recent research shows that olive tree will be a great selection to plant in the area as its fruits get ready in three years only and that would be of great importance to the environment and economy. He further emphasized to Imran Khan’s government to do research before introducing any new species of trees in the area in order to make the plantation movement successful and productive. Mr. Ismail Wali addressed the students that they are responsible to take care of the natural resources of Chitral. To make that possible, the youth must spend their potentials in education and make the local universities in Chitral successful with their talent. He pointed out that the youth should work with great ethics and moral values for peace and to promote tourism in the area.

Mr. Akram invited everyone to join hands in order to work for the preservation of Environment. He pointed out that it is not only the task of Rehmat Ali but everyone should join hands in this cause and work for the benefit of the region. Mr. Sartaj also made a short speech at this occasion and talked about how the Chitral River is addressed as the Kabul River while it comes from the glaciers in Chitral and should be named so.
There were hundreds of students coming from the universities in Peshawar like University of Peshawar, Islamia University, IMScience, etc. It was a very successful event as the youth showed a collective effort for preservation of nature under the supervision of the leaders of Chitral. It was organized by the CHEPS Youth Wing members Peshawar which is being lead by Syed Shahab Ahmed Jan. The chairman of CHEPS encouraged all CYW members and asked the youth around Pakistan to always keep in mind the aim of caring for Mother Nature. Clean and Green Pakistan Movement will be taken all the way to Chitral shortly by CHEPS members.

Amidst all the challenges that our world is facing regarding climate change and environmental devastation, a very local organization called CHEPS has been working tirelessly to create consciousness about the Anthropocene era we live in. Chitral Heritage and Environmental Protection Society (CHEPS) is an organization that works for the cause of clean and green Pakistan. It is active in the field of environmental protection activities in national level by sensitizing and mobilizing community members regarding environmental issues. Number of community sensitization workshops/seminars/walk have been arranged in Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore under the auspices of CHEPS to educated general public about devastating environmental issues which are faced to our country these days. From Shandur Top to Karachi beach everywhere pile ups of Plastic bottles, shoppers and other stuff are seriously affecting natural beauty of the beautiful places. This problem could only be controlled by educating community members regarding proper use and disposal of plastics items so that environment could be least impacted by this menace. Another problem is deforestation and lackluster progress on regeneration and plantation. CHEPS believes that community members also need awareness about importance of forest and plants for their very survival.



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