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 April 19, 2017



Chitral divided into two census district for upcoming population census

By Zahiruddin

The arrangements of all types have been completed to start the population census in Chitral which has been divided into two census districts consisting of Chitral and Mastuj divided into 370 and 220 blocks respectively.

Talking to the local media on Wednesday, the respective census deputy commissioners of Chitral and Mastuj, Abdul Akram and Muhammad Hayat Shah, said that the ranging from transportation of materials to be used in the process to all the blocks and the deployment of security staff have been made.

They said that area-wise, Chitral formed one-fifth of the whole province and it was an uphill task to transport the materials to the blocks in far-flung areas whose roads were yet to be opened for vehicular traffic after the winter season.

Giving the details, they said that 14 charge superintendents and 63 circle inspectors had been appointed in Chitral while the number was 10 and 38 in Mastuj respectively to closely monitor the process.

To carry out the enumeration process of households and souls, they added, 185 enumerators were appointed in Chitral for its 370 blocks and 110 in Mastuj tehsil for 220 blocks.

They said that necessary training to the field staff had been imparted and they were fully capable to kick off the process of the enumeration of households on 25th April while control room had been established in both Chitral and Booni to receive any complaint from the people and instantly redress them.

Regarding security cover to the enumeration staff, they said that district police will deploy 1133 personal of police.


Two -day festival concludes in Arandu

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: A two-day festival was arranged in the border village Arandu situated in the extreme south of the district under the auspices of Chitral Scouts which concluded here on Wednesday.

The people of all ages thronged to the venue of the festival in large number to take part in different games and activities which also included the folk and traditional sports of the mountainous area which had long been given up.

Different aspects of the material culture of the area had also been showcased in the festival which included local cuisines, wood carving, agricultural implements and dresses.

The local people said that it was first event of its nature in the area and demanded its holding on regular basis to give the locals an opportunity of recreation and amusement who dwelled in small hamlets segregated by mountains from each other.

The wing commander of Chitral Scouts lieutenant colonel Faisal Imran gave away prizes to the best performers in different games and activities in the festival.



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