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Jul 19, 2024


Chitrali speaks at UN conference

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Chitral .. Shah Zada Ibrahim belonging to Laspur village of upper Chitral spoke at the United Nations eighth session of Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG). According to a press release by him, he, as Ambassador of Civil Societies The United Nations Department of Economic & Social Council for Pakistan & CEO (NCCB) Pakistan elaborated the importance and Respect of the Elderly people people mentioned in the holy Quran quoting various verses from the Holy book.

Ibrahim e1500005661401He said In Pakistan the joint family system is breaking up rapidly and elderly population is facing loneliness and abandonment. There is no systematic or empirical study which would highlight the magnitude of abuse of elderly yet anecdotal evidence is replete with such examples. As human rights universal and older people  should enjoy their rights on an equal basis with others in society but unfortunately, particularly older women are discriminated (directly or indirectly), neglected, subjected and  abused  in various  ways  such as in collective decision making ,in age limit for employment, old age benefit, healthcare facilities, health insurance, financial services, government benefits, political  leadership, access to development programs, access to human rights, access to speedy justice, access to opportunities, ownership matters, harassment, prejudicial attitudes towards their  abilities , health, their voices are not heard by the younger accused, insulted, screamed, scolded, coerced, threatened, look down upon, humiliated physically, denial of autonomy, threatened with weapons to death, threatened with physical violence, threatened to deprive of their liberty.

Pakistan has an extremely poor track record when it comes to addressing issues associated with human rights of older persons. It ranks depressingly low in the Global Age Watch Index: at 92 out of 94 countries. Pakistan ranks particularly low with respect to health of older persons, with a relatively low life expectancy and even lower healthy life expectancy. It ranks low also with respect to satisfaction of older persons with social connectedness, civic freedom and public transport.

He made a fervent appeal to the UN agencies, other International organizations, government of Pakistan and philanthropist people  of the world to come forward to address  this issue with the  coordination of local civil societies at grassroots’ level. .. CN report, 14 Jul 2017


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