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Feb 7, 2023



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Poet: Late Mirza Muhammad Ghufran


Translator: Zahid Ali Nizari



1. Thou art the King of seven Realms; thou art the Moon of seven elevated Heavens.
2. The most Exalted of all Prophets (A.S); the Light of the Eyes of all Saints.
3. If his Holy Entity were not manifest; the entire temporal world would remain hidden in the veil of nothingness.
4. Though physically the prophet (SAWW) is made from mud, spiritually he is the Moon of the highest Heaven of Spirituality. His abode (living place) is on the Chair (Kursi) and Throne (Arsh).
5. The faces of all kings and rulers of worldly and spiritual kingdoms are bright only owing to the mark of being slave to you.
6. The Prophet (SAWW) grants glory and honor to the people of the earth; he brightens the eyes of the heavenly creatures (angels, spirits of the virtuous people)

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