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Nov 26, 2022


‘Pakistanisation’ of foreign firms, workers

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شیئر کریں:

The recent happening of putting the PIA managing Director on Exit Control List and sending him on forced leave is an example of how any body from a foreign country coming to Pakistan and taking up an assignment gets tainted soon.

The example of Koreans working at the Lowari tunnel is another glaring example. When the Koreans first came to the tunnel you could see them very humble self conscious and modest. Soon after starting to work together with the NHA and other Pakistani organisations, the Koreans at the tunnel are a different people now — arrogant and insolent, treating travelers who come across them with disdain. The people who interact with them from business point of view also accuse them of accepting commissions/pilferage etc.

What is the reason for the transformation of attitude of foreigners coming into Pakistan and working with government agencies? Do our own very people teach them Pakistani ways where any body in position of authority considers it his right to misuse that authority, or is it that they get the clue by themselves and start doing in Pakistan as the Pakistanis do. .. CN report, 08 Apr 2017.

شیئر کریں: