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Nov 26, 2022


‘Go Slow’ policy glaringly visible at Lowari tunnel

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Chitral .. Despite the prime minister of Pakistan’s repeated assurances that the Lowari tunnel would be completed by June this year, but on ground there are no signs of that happening.

A reliable person who somehow managed to travel through the tunnel at peak working hours on a non tunnel opening day, informed CN that he could see only a few people (about 10 in all) working at the northern mouth of the tunnel, while the rest of the eight kilometer tunnel wore a deserted look inside with no sign of recent work having being done there.

According to the reporter of his tunnel tale, the tunnel presented a picture of neglect and disinterest. The only efficiency seen was of the security personnel aggressively stopping any one from coming near the tunnel. (except the privileged ones, of course!).

It clearly appeared that the tunnel makers are not interested in completing the project any where soon and that there is no body to ask them why?, he said .. CN report, 03 Apr 2017.

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