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Dec 5, 2022


Lowari tunnel completion poised for yet another delay!

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Chitral — Prime minister Nawaz Sharif during his visit to Chitral in October 2015, announced in loud and clear words amidst thunderous applause that the Lowari tunnel would be inaugurated in December 2016 at any cost.
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Then, in 2016 during his visit to Chitral he said anew that the tunnel would now be inaugurated in June 2017 and the people started clapping for this ‘good news’. His advisor Amir Muqam also reconfirmed many a times that the tunnel would definitely be inaugurated in June 2017.
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Now, according to latest reports, during a function in Islamabad, Amir Muqam has given the new ‘good news’ that the tunnel would be completed this year, conveniently omitting the mention of 30 June deadline. From the adviser’s latest posture on the matter and from the pace of work inside the tunnel, it appears that the government wants to delay opening of the tunnel for reasons all know by now i.e to drag it on till near next elections.

For how long would these people make a fool of Chitralis and for how long would we Chitralis clap and applause on being made a fool of? — CN report, 21 mar 2017.

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