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Nov 29, 2022


Chitralis welcome begining of Lowari pass clearance

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Chitral — Reports are that snow clearing of the Lowari pass has commenced. Chitralis have welcomed the commencement of snow clearance work.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1y6ZWG7uAoXnP8smMmeG Isb28L5u7y6fd6MQevWtW QXSjt2It is expected that the pass will open for traffic by the end of March. People have expressed hope that the road clearance would be proper and complete and not like previous years where a narrow track in the middle of the snow was cleared where vehicles got stuck up and could not cross each other.

People who traveled on the freshly opened road in previous years recall the pathetic standard of snow clearance leaving much of the snow to be crushed under the truck wheels or be melted away by the sun. This time Chitralis are more mindful and have requested a proper check on the road clearing contractors for satisfactory work. .. CN report, 28 Feb 2017

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