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Dec 2, 2022


A realizable dream of Chitralis

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Chitral — A dream for Chitralis but fully realizable and achievable in a short time is the availability of abundant and affordable electric power. Hydel Electricity projects are underway in the district, but the crucial question is whether Chitralis would be able to afford enough electric power to cook their food, heat their homes, iron their clothes and have hot baths in winter, within their means.

If anything can change the prima facie fate of Chitralis for the better would be the availability of electricity for all the above essential everyday usages. Providing feeble and in and out electricity to the people and saying it is better than before is a very sick argument similar to saying “remember your condition when there was no Lowari tunnel”. Whether road or electricity both are basic rights of citizens and Chitral being abundant in electricity potential, the dream of Chitralis being fulfilled in this respect is a possible feat. — CN report, 28 Feb 2017

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