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Dec 5, 2022


What chance for resurrection of the Muslim Ummah ?

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Chitral .. We often hear sporadic wishes from different quarters for resurrection of the Muslim Umma and reclaim the lost glory of Islam.

Wishes aside, the question that troubles the mind is that how can the Muslims of the world unite to form one Ummah when most of the so many sects are not ready to even recognize each other,  let alone accept?

shiaThe two major sects Sunni and Shia have been pitted against each ever since the early days of Islam, starting from the tragic event of Karbala. The dissension between these sects was not blown up in earlier times because of the sparse population and lack of modern communication facilities.

After quelling the 1857 uprising in the subcontinent, the British became wary to the possibility of Muslims rising up anytime, so their think tanks suggested that the potential discord between the Muslims should be exploited to keep them engaged against each other.

The British colonials employed Mullahs from each side to slowly spread the poison of discord and hatred. Over the century the seed began to grow and nowadays it is a full blown tree.

Aided by a leap in progress of communication, social media etc, the dream of having a coherent and integrated muslim ummah has gone farther away to an almost unreachable distance. The wedge has widened over the years and now there seems no way possible bringing the different narratives aka sects of Islam together to make an Umma. Allah almighty has authority over everything. We can pray to him to solve this seemingly impossible problem. — CN report, 26 Feb 2017

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