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Nov 29, 2022


Attitude comparison of Non Muslims and Muslims

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Dear Sir,
In the wake of American President Donald Trump’s ban on entry of Muslims from seven Islamic countries into the US, non muslim Americans have risen in support of Muslims. They have observed Niqab day, are guarding mosques and allowing muslims to offer prayers in the airports. Americans including celebrities have announced that if Trump presses further, they would register themselves as Muslims to show solidarity with their Muslim country men and women.
Do we in Muslim countries including Pakistan display similar feelings for our non muslim country fellows?  Over here we frequently come across instances of lynching and torching non muslim minors and deranged persons on charges of blasphemy. We consider minorities inferior to ourselves and consider them as sure travelers to hell in the here after. We are ever ready to rascalise our minorities at the slightest excuse. In comparison just look at the attitude of non muslims towards muslims.
Isn’t what is happening in the world today an eye opener for Muslims to change their way of thinking.
“Aap hi apni adaaon pe zara ghor karain
Hum ager arz karain ge to shikayat ho gi”.
— Faridul Haq, Chitral 02 Feb 2017

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