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   March 05, 2015



Open letter to AC Mastuj
Mr. Minhas uddin

I on be half of the Public of Upper Chitral Thank to Minhas uddin Assistant Commissioner Mastuj for the fantastic job you have been doing for the people/public of Tehsil Mastuj as a Tehsil Administrator. Your hard work and dedication has really helped the people out during a difficult time. After recent approval of prices for the transportation for the different areas of Chitral and the de regulation the transporters. Not only public were worried about this situation but the transporter were charging extra huge amount for transportation from the public. But you have acted every time proactively. We know that both before and during this time of implementation the new approved prices you have worked tirelessly.

Further i want to mentioned here about your control center of this issue through the Chitral Lavies Force /Chitral Boarder Force in the Charun valley, the public are really thanking you for your such great efforts. The team there in Charun trying their level of best to implementation & controlling of the new prices transportation charges.

Furthermore it is suggested and public of Laspur, Mastuj & Yarkhon areas are requesting to Tehsil & Distt: Administration to have such check post (Control center) in Mastuj Area (Mastuj Pump) where the Lavies staff can control & implement the the same to the transporter of Mastuj, Laspur & Yarkhon Areas.

Nayab Amir Nayab
Social Activist Islamabad



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