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   February 28, 2015



Poor reception of Radio Pakistan in Chitral and adjoining areas

For attention of Federal Minister for Information These lines are about the poor r eception of radio Pakistan programs/
News bulletin etc. in the distant north of Pakistan. The mini Radio station in Chitral is now taking its last breath. There is neither electricity in Chitral nor alternative arrangements and the station was meant for the local 3 km radius of the city .Other Radio stations like Peshawar and Islamabad are not heard here except 2 months when the nights are longest for the Medium Waves and then they are inaudible. As a result we the people of Chitral and the neighbouring mountainous region listen to BBC Urdu , VOA Urdu, CRI,AIR, but we get no national service from the Information ministry. This is a very sorry sort of affair.This state of affairs drives wedge between the  govt.and the public of this part of the country.

I, therefore, request the Federal Minister of Information to take notice of this situation and arrange to install high power Transmitter in Chitral to cover the whole area so that people would listen to the voice of their own Govt. and its policies instead of listening to hostile broadcasting stations around us.

Rahmat Karim Baig
Sabzi Mandi Chitral


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