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   February 19, 2015



Need of technical education for our youth

For the past so many years we have been made to accept every emotional disturbance in the form of terrorism, corruption, political instability leading us to economical instability. unfortunately this unresolved problem has been a dilemma for our country and our youth since the creation of our beautiful Pakistan.

We have heared so many analysis from our analysts putting light on the problems which our this country is facing today, our media is doing his job very well, so many effective and inspiring programmes are presented.. but the solution of the problem is still seeming missing.

If we talk about our current system relating it to our country's resources we should keep in mind that we have abundance of resources in our country. not discussing the overall resources and their utilization if we take our youth as an example, we have our youth by using them we can get our country developed .we know that our youth is our strength so we should utilize their talent by providing them technical education. in our country there is lack of technical education. its our government's responsibility or it is our youths irresponsibility, we don't know. south Korea which is far smaller than our country produce much technical specialty in modern technology and the fruit of their this technical competence is seen here in our own area. building of power houses and construction of roads are the works which we cannot make by ourselves and are done by south Korea. it is the very shame for us and our youth. we are engaged in non technical education and are proud of that education but our technical competence goes in vain. we should think about it.

Actually our non technicalities and our incompetence in modern world is due to lack of management in our system. our education system is medieval and outdated, so we are unable to compete in the modern world.

We should establish technical institutes and it is our dire need today. we should also appreciate our youth in receiving technical education. so that we could curb the problems by just bringing a revolution in the form of technical specialty.

Saif bin saif

Pictorial health warning on cigarette packs

Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination has decided to enlarge the size of pictorial health warning of smoking on cigarette packs to 85%. Saira Afzal Tarar, minister of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination, claims that Pakistan is the third country to implement an 85% size for the pictorial warning, after Thailand and India.

It is good to see that pictorial health warning will be more then 85% on cigarette packs. But what about the imported cigarette packs which are available in market and donít have pictorial health warning.
Will Saira Afzal Tarar, minister of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination take action on illegal smuggling, import or sale of cigarette packs?

Mubashir Mahmood
KARACHI, Pakistan


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