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   February 18, 2015



Our Banana Republic

The creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was a dream of the common man as an independent State but for the Feudal Lords it was the golden opportunity to advance their interests that is why soon after the sad demise of Quaid-Azam the leaders at the helm of affairs refused to introduce Islamic Law as pledged before August 1947. They had some secret agenda in their minds but did not disclose it openly and instead used the slogan of Islam to attract the majority of honest
Muslims who did not know about the secret designs of the second cadre of political leaders- to promote their financial interests but were not sincere in their efforts for introduction of Islamic Laws as a real Muslim state.

The game played by the politicians after the sad death of the great man, is open to all and everyone of us knows about it and the game was a nasty one, condemnable in all respects. Instead of working for the new Muslim State they carried on a tug-of-war for about a decade. This was a matter of shame, sure, they were humans but humanity has also got limits but they crossed all bounds and left a tradition that runs in our national politics today even more vigorously. The politicians have not got even an iota of respect for the honour of the country but focus on hurling mud on each other in their speeches in and outside the parliament. They have least respect for the sanctity of the Islamic spirit of the country, its challenges, its economic instability, its fragile position in the face of rising terrorism and its struggle to stand in the line of dignified states. Institutions have been weakened, political intrigues have accelerated and control of all powers has become the sole objective of the political parties, least caring for the future of the country.
In this scenario the role of Army becomes double fold, to defend all its borders- unfortunately hostile borders- uproot the militancy and at the same time extend support to the so called elected government and maintain them on the throne for the term that has been mandated. The Army has to do more than its duty. I hope it will have to play the same role and uphold the image of the Banana Republic because the politicians are least dependable and have failed to meet the expectations of the electorates and have so far failed to complete any project of public value in spite of urgent need of energy and other crises. The duties of the Armed Forces are very heavy and I pray for them to play their role honestly, diligently and bravely. Our politicians have proved themselves inefficient and are unreliable and need to be marshaled at every step. The Army must look after them as well as the country and also extend relations with Russia as a new move to stabilize our relations with one of the super powers of the world. Pak Army Zinda Baad:

Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig


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