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   January 28, 2015



Knowledge is Power

In today’s world who has an excellent knowledge has power. The term “knowledge” is to know any subject theoretically or practically. It is the process of understanding the things, facts, or to gain more information and develop skills through personal experience or education by discovering, perceiving and learning. When we educate ourselves, we learn new things and create new ideas that we were previously unaware of. "Where there's a will there's a way."

When we determined to be educated and always struggle to eradicate the obstacles in the process of learning, then there no power to stop you. It is the potential to achieve our goals and given the right path to progress.

It is the ability to rebuild the capacity of the mind to gain more knowledge and being able to differentiate between the right and wrong. Through it a person evolves himself in educated and intelligent thoughts and have being a power to take right decisions. It also provides a better and peaceful environment in the surrounding of the people to enhance their potentialities in every aspects of life. It improves the lives of ourselves those around us and makes more valuable among the people overall. It gives us the freedom of thoughts and freedom of expressions, gives the power that you are, the power to speak your mind, power not to accept the second class behavior and also the power why knowledge is so important. It is only the possible thing in the surrounding to act that “Knowledge is power”.

Without knowledge, it is not easy to acquire the things or nor have the potential to challenge or face the problems of this technological era. To overcome, all the difficulties which are increasing day by day, through different phases has a vast knowledge. It is basically a capability to know about things, to know new ideas and polish existing ones. So that’s why, if you gain knowledge, you have been able to control the problems. Knowledge not only comes from textbooks, but it also comes from doing something practically and also to speculate things in our surrounding.

Knowledge comes from the person owns elf, that how he learns about the things from the surrounding and how he adjusts himself in the society. It is not the initiate power or neither is it transferred through the generations. It depends upon the person, that how he adjusts and gains knowledge. Gaining knowledge vast your imaginations, and create a hope of luxurious life. It does not only mean to materialistic life, but also have been prepared mentally for each and every aspects of life. Learning is an infinitive process, which a person’s seek in every stage of life. We gain awash of knowledge, if there were continuation in the process of learning things.

Farzana Khan,
M.Sc Anthropology,
Quid-i-Azam University,



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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