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     December 31,  2015





The cleansing mission started by Deputy Commissioner Chitral is highly commendable. Mr. Osama Ahmed is the first Deputy Commissioner in the history of Chitral who started this drive with a missionary zeal. The anti-encroachment drive was well overdue but no such action was taken earlier because of the reasons best known to them. I am pretty sure that he is doing it all in accordance with the principles of legal justice. Letting the wrong doers loose would be tantamount to grievous injustice to the nation. He is being supported by the Chitral public for all his rightful actions. Negative forces will always remain there to hinder the noble cause however, the removal of encroachments is in the interest of public at large and no such vested interests would succeed.

The other issues which call for the immediate attention of the Deputy Commissioner include the public complaints in the forest areas regarding injustice in the distribution of the forest royalty amount. The timber mafia is playing havoc both with the public kitty as well as the poor inhabitants of the area. The Deputy Commissioner may check such records and take appropriate action through the relevant authority.

Other issues include complaints that the projects awarded by the elected representatives of Chitral are not being properly executed. In order to ascertain the real facts, records of the TMA offices require to be checked and the running projects need to be properly monitored. Similar are the complaints against the SRSP awarded projects.

The role of the District Nazim Chitral in the whole scenario is very disappointing. He seems to be playing the role of a spectator. This attitude is neither ethical nor legal. He should better resign than sitting idle. The District Council should reconsider their choice of District Nazim.

The Chitral public is all praise for the Deputy Commissioner. Therefore, I would request the Secretariat Administration, the Senior Member Board of Revenue and the Chief Secretary KPK to commend and applaud the officer for his courageous actions in the remote District of Chitral.


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