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     December 26,  2015



Terich road reopens for traffic

By Rahmat Karim Baig

CHITRAL: The landslide reported in Chitraltimes. com about a week ago, had blocked Terich Mir Road which is supervised by C & W Division Chitral, has now been reopened. This news was reported by passengers reaching Chitral city from Terich valley. The gigantic slide had occurred after the terrible earth quake followed by two enigmatic blasts on alternate nights, after the earth quake this year. Locals had reported about two mysterious blasts as very frightful at nights in their vicinity but the second explosion was found to be a huge Landslide on the steep slope of Lower Terich valley on the right side of the Terich river. The slide had brought a huge section of the rotten rock to the bottom of the slope, hitting the lands and trees.

There were huge poplar and other trees in great number and this unexpected disaster wrought a great havoc to a local family but had there been no trees in large number, the damages of the family would have been higher or even drastic or more families might have suffered.

There was found a large volume of water gushing out of the rock which earlier had only a meager amount of spring. The rise in the volume of the spring caused flooding to the said family and the residential area with its premises but no evacuation has been reported yet. The rise in the volume of the springs had been reported from other parts of Chitral as well. It is widely known by locals that after a sudden strong tremor the springs in this region either rise or fall and is a common phenomenon. This increase in the volume of springs all over Chitral is an aspect of quakes and would have proved a boom had it occurred in summer and this rise would have helped farmers to water their crops easily but now, in the peak of winter, this sudden rise has proved a disaster when it is going to make families homeless and the valley might be deprived of its only and precarious road and transport system that will be a collective misfortune for the inhabitants of this valley.

The same type of rise in the volume of water sources has been reported by travelers from other parts of this district and one of them is situated at Junali Koch, near Booni where the presence of a spring was seen but water did not flow but at present instance a good amount of water has come out which flows down from the Qaq Lasht waste land but at this particular site of gigantic landslide the rise in the volume of water is reported to have tripled and now flows as much as 2 Cusecs that joins the river. The length of this slide affected slope is about two km. and the height is more than that. This huge chunk of the mountain has posed a threat to families, lands, pastures, wildlife, human life, a population that runs into thousands, transport and communication in the valley etc. as well as two schools- one primary school building and the other a middle school and is to be addressed in that prospective.

It is to be mentioned here that this type of rise in the volume of water sources might prove disastrous in certain cases as the area is full of small springs of that nature but this one has more intensity as the road to upper Terich valley runs through this slope and has been damaged at many places but the one that has blocked the road lies just in the middle and on both sides the road is under threat of more slides as the winter moves toward spring season. The road is also very narrow despite the fact that it was built by C&W Division as per rule but now it is as narrow as barely 8 feet in width and also poorly maintained that makes traffic to this valley as an unattractive experience and visitors fail to appreciate their journeys and hence condemn their luck and donít dare to travel or visit this valley even on serious business matters such as purchase of poplar timber that is abundant in this valley and one of the major sources of cash income for the inhabitants but the trekkers from foreign who dare to come, never regret for the experience the opportunity brings them because in this valley lie all the >7000m peaks and the heavy glaciers from which the Terich river emanates.


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