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     December 24,  2015



Kalash festival chitrmas concluding ceremony cancelled 

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The death of two persons in Bumburate valley led to the cancellation of the concluding ceremony of the winter festival Chitramas of Kalash tribes whose chief event was making prediction by the bitans (religious leaders) by observing the movement of a captivated fox freed on the occasion.

Talking to Chitral Times , Luke Rahmat Kalash, said that it was for the second time in his life that the ceremony was canceled due to the death of community members while this time a woman and young boy of teen age had died.

“If the captivated fox jumps to the human settlements of the valleys, the year is predicted to be pleasant in terms of good health of the people and their cattle, high production of milk and honey as well as cereal crops and the fruit trees”, he said added that this ceremony is called Louve Nezik while the non-Kalash people are allowed to the festival only on this occasion.

He said that this was the first day of the year of Kalash calendar and as per Kalash code of belief, the gods visited the valleys and met them on this day.

Announcement of the engagements of boys and girls is yet another activity of the festival who solemnizes the marriage on the occasion of spring festival chilim jusht in May next year and this time the number could not ascertained as the ceremony could not be held.

The people of the three valleys will go on virtual hibernation for the coming two months as the residents will confine themselves to their homes due to the intense cold and snow fall and this year their hardships are multiplied by the flash floods that had devastated the valley roads.

Sub-divisional police officer of Drosh circle, Zafar Ahmed said that tight security arrangement had been made in all the three valleys during the festival that last for two weeks.



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