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     December 21,  2015



Residents of Singur village demands implementation of court order against grazing of goats

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The residents of Singur village have demanded of the government to implement the court orders banning the grazing of goats in the pasture of the village which has caused widespread flood in the recent past including the current year.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Ashraf Ali, Azam Shah, Qazi Inayatullah, Ghaffar Ali and others said that a small fraction of the villagers is adamant on keeping goats and grazed them in the common pasture while the majority has abandoned the practice keeping in view its negative affects on the village and to contain the flash floods.

They said that the court of law has also handed down its verdict against the grazing of goats in the pasture while the district administration had also imposed ban on it under CrPC 145 but allegedly with the tacit support of district nazim and an officer of the administration, they are continuing grazing the goats.

They said that the practice is jeopardizing the whole village where there important and sensitive government buildings including doctors colony of health department, government girls high school, offices of Pak Met department, colony of Civil Aviation Authority and Chitral Airport are situated.

They said that the issue of grazing of goats has also posed a grave threat to peace as the two groups are always at quarrel with each other and remained entrenched against each other in the pasture rendering the atmosphere highly tense in the village.

The villagers opposing the goats, added that the pasture flanked the Chitral Gol National Park and the grazing of goats in the buffer zone endangered the kashmir markhor population in the park and there is always a threat of transmission of diseases of goats to them and it will prove disastrous if happened.



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