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     December 15,  2015


ď16/12/14Ē A BLACK DAY

Six gun men entered APS Peshawar from nowhere and started firing randomly, within two hours the school turned into a horrible place where everybody was mourning, screaming for help, fighting for life. A place where the innocent souls came to seek knowledge turned into a battlefield, the attackers killed every student they found, after sometime our army entered and rescued rest of the students. It was the worst kind of attack that hit Pakistan over years, the victims were 132 students and 8 staff members, the attackers not only killed 132 children but 132 families, 132 dreams. The children came to school to get education, they had the same dreams that our children have. It is said in Quran that killing one person is like killing whole humanity (5:32), Then what about killing those 132 angels? How can the killers be even human? They are nothing more than animals that do not belong to any religion. How can God of any religion be so cruel? The answer is, no religion on earth allow such brutal act.

This attack has filled our hearts with a never ending fear and worries, but we have moved on. Everyone condemned the attack through social media, different social websites, through candle light marches and political statements, but, soon everyone started forgetting it. The world that reacted with such outrage seemed to have moved on. The social media fell silent, the candle light marches ended. The question arise here is, what kind of a nation sits still and allow such inhuman attacks? After such shameful act, what we as a nation did is, We started blaming our authorities, political parties, our security system and international agencies and after not more than few months we fell silent and moved on. Why donít we understand that what we did is not going to make any difference. There is no need of candle light marches, no need of updating our sad statuses on social websites, these things are not going to bring any change. We can never ever feel the pain of the families who lost their future hopes in that attack until it happens with us, the loss of innocent lives was so terrible that can never be covered. It was the best time for a nation to stand up against the terrorists that are misusing our Godís name, but most of us are busy, we have our own families, dreams, duties, commitments and if we are not ready to find a solution to the problem then we have no right to say something against it. We can either take a substantial action or stay quite like most of us are.

Samra Ayub


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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