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     December 13,  2015



Paris and “Post Paris”

The recent wave of Terrorism in the French capital Paris has raised many questions as well as concerns to Global political actors, to the European Union and most specifically to the Muslim world. The suicide bombings and gun shooting at six different spots in one of the most toured and attractive destination in the world is itself a great concern over the violent and barbaric strategy of the most ruthless and radicalized militants known today – the ISIS.

The first question that demands an obvious and clear answer from to dominant key players involved in Syria, is about the effectivity of their military actions there. When U.S and its European as well as Middle East allies are more concerned with the regime change in Syria, while Russia with its Iranian friends still propping-up Assad’s governments, obviously raises doubts to the world that how a political settlement would take place and more effective surgical Air- strikes would uproot the ISIS following the Paris attacks.

Although we have seen the breaking of Ice between the two military might’s (at the sidelines of recent G-20 conference in Antalya) at a coffee table summit between the American president Obama and his Russian counterpart, Putin. Both leaders pledged with other participants to effectively eradicate the horrible menace of Terrorism and to initiate an exceedingly better exercises against the ISIS. Both the U.S and Russia with respective allies have far greater responsibility to bring comfort and peace in the civil-war torn Syria as well as Iraq with disciplined diplomats and political negotiations and not letting the situation in Middle Eastbe worsened. However, the recent Vienna meeting of all actors involved directly in the middle east political scenario should also be continued and conclude reproductive and acceptable results to all negotiating parties.

The European Union response to the ISIS militant actions has raised many concerns about the future of millions of refugees fleeing Europe. As one of the assistant being reported a “refugee” (by the international media) entered with other refugees in the European boundaries. French president, Francis Hollande announced for more strict laws, seeking amendments in their constitution for the security of the country, declaring war on “Daesh”, ninety days emerging in France and more restrictions on the refugees and political asylum seekers for one reason or another. In this moment the world leader and specially European Union should have to be very cautions against the innocent, war-stricken refugees and abstain from the scape-goating as the Terrorism is neither an act committed by these innocents nor by any common Muslim. The Muslim countries and two billion Muslims living there have to answer the question raising doubts on their identity in a unified and straight posture that ISIS has no relation or any minor link with the Islamic civilization, with the Islamic culture, and with the Islamic ideology, their barbarous actions are a negation to the Islamic doctrine of Jihad. The Muslim countries like Saudi Arabiaand Turkey have to cut-off their financial and non-violent material support. Muslims have to give a clear message to the world that they are with the victims of Terrorism across the globe and the self-styled Islamic caliphate of ISIS has no credibility and is just a criminal terrorist organization who is killing both the Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of religion.

The Paris attacks an attack on the whole humanity, not just on France, the whole world has to stood up against this common threat, the whole world has to stood up against all forms andkinds of Terrorism whether it occurs in Paris, in Beirut, in Baghdad in Mumbai, in Washington, in London, in Nairobi, or in Peshawar, whether it is carried out by Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Taliban, Bokoharam or ISIS, the whole world should response collectively against all evil faces.

The U.S.A, U.K and its allies will have to abstain from the regime change strategies as they did in the past and revise their policies in the Middle East. They should be more focusing on the barbaric, radicalized army of ISIS and for struggle peace in the world otherwise we would be foreseeing a more destruction and lethal reaction from ISIS that too was produced in the wake of U.S led military intervention in Iraq in 2003.

Rubina Faryal
M.Sc. International relations
National Defense University Islamabad...



mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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