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     December 12,  2015



Disaster management exhibition in PU

The centre for disaster preparedness and management (CDPM) university of Peshawar has organized a two day exhibition at university ground on 2-3 December. All Governmental , Nongovernmental organization were invited for participation.

The main objectives of this mega event was to aware and sensitize the common masses in general and students in particular. The Chitral students through their models represented hazard prone District Chitral and also highlight the positive impact of their unique culture . I had got an opportunity with my friend Alvin a Hakim to represent our Chitrali culture within different cultural diversity. Although, we had got highly encouragement from the respondents. Director of peace and conflict department and also newly elected president of Peshawar university teacher Association (PUTA) sir Jamil Chitrali also visited our stall and also appreciated our participation in this event. Almost more than 49 academies were invited for participation and the respondents were more than 30000.we had got a lot of information from this event and also came across with diversity of different culture like path an, sindhi, tribal pathan, Balochi ,gilgit.

Being as a Chitrali student I want to convey this message to all my Chitrali sisters and brothers that come on to introduce their culture to the world that ,what a unique the culture we have so, that it will catch the attention of visitors and especially high official to take care of Chitralis during disaster and other calamites .

Suraya Shahab
Peshawar University


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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