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     December 12,  2015



Chitral Police arrests three proclaimed offenders from border area

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Chitral police has arrested three proclaimed offenders from the border area of Arandu during the search and strike operation who had fled to Afghanistan after committing the crimes heinous nature.

DPO Chitral Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat told Chitral Times  that the Ghareeb Jan, Saifur and Abdul Waheed were nabbed by the police during the operation who had recently returned to their village from Afghanistan.

He said that most of the proclaimed offenders hailed from Arandu and Damil area situtated in the South which were adjacent to the Nooristan province of Afghnistan which provided them with a chance to flee across the border.

Mr. Marwat said that during the current search and strike operation, a good number of Pos have been nabbed which included hardened criminals and their arrest was inevitable for ensuring peace in the area.

He said that the mountainous topography of Arandu and Damil areas with sparse human settlement was the main hurdle in nabbing the criminals for the police force.



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