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     December 11,  2015



Activities to mark “16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM against GBV”

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: SACH struggle for change is non-government nonprofit organization working to exterminate torture and violence from society and to protect marginalized communities. The organization is not only supporting Pakistani community, but also focuses closely on the refugee population. SACH has been closely collaborating with various international organizations and embassies on human rights issues including refugee issues. These collaborations range from implementing partnerships with UNHCR, EU, US Embassy, Australian embassy and Canadian High Commission.

In such an endeavor, SACH has celebrated 16 days of activism to eliminate Gender based violence. It continues from 25 November, the international day for the elimination of violence against Women, to 10 December, Human rights day. 16 days of activism against Gender based violence Campaign is a time to galvanize action to end violence against women around the world.

In this regard SACH has organized three different activities with Urban Afghan community in Peshawar namely Deliberation, Educational event, Educational Fiesta. All three activities highlighted the issues of Women rights, gender based violence and safety of education for young people. The activities include teachers, students and scholars from Afghan community. Activities were based on discussions, role plays, games, debates, quiz competitions, success stories, painting competition and pictorial presentation.

Colleagues from UNHCR attended the activities. They raised the voice against Gender Based violence and conveyed message that we should stand up together to make society free from Gender based violence. Colleagues from Commisionarate for Afghan Refugees also attended the activities and delivered messages that making our society free from Gender based violence is possible by combine efforts and every individual needs to play their part.

The celebration was an effort to raise awareness among people and make them able to understand their rights and duties. Students were given an opportunity to express their views about making education safe for young people and particularly focus on female education and what hurdles they have to face.

The efforts made by participants and administrations were acknowledged by distributing trophies and gifts. At the end Mr Awais ur Rehman, Task Manager-SACH, conveyed the vote of thanks. In his vote of thanks speech he shared that the organization is working for the refugees living in Pakistan. SACH has been working for these refugees for the last 20 years. The activities will serve as a framework to develop better understandings regarding Gender Based violence and making education safe. He also thanked all for the cooperation with SACH in their efforts to make the campaign successful.



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