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     December 11,  2015



More than 200 passengers rescued from Lowari top by Pak Army, Chitral Scouts and Chitral Police

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: More than two hundred passengers were caught by blizzards in the early hours of Thursday when they were descending to the Chitral valley after crossing the Lowari top while they were rescued by the men of Chitral police, Engineering corps of Pak Army and Chitral Scouts.

One of the passengers, Zakir Khan of Goldur, reaching here told Chitral Times  that the convoy of 25 flying coaches had to stop when they had turned about twenty of the forty two turns of the Pass when the road received about a foot of snow rendering the road slippery.

He said that panic gripped the convoy and some of the passengers started running downward after disembarking the vehicles and he saw many children fainted while physically weaker and women remained inside the vehicles.

The passengers leaving the vehicles reached the nearby check post of district levies along with some children and women while the rest of them rescued by the personnel of police, army and Scouts, he said.

Another passenger from Singoor, Salehur Rehaman, travelling with her sister, said that it was a miracle that all the passengers survived in the situation while the visibility was almost one foot due to the blowing of winds carrying the masses of snow.

He said that a wedding party coming to Chitral from upper Dir was amongst the passengers which consisted of women and children and they were the worst affected.

Mr. Rahman said that he saw the jawans of Chitral police led by wrapping the children in their uniform coats and rushing down to the Ziarat check post.

Sub-Divisional police officer, Drosh Zafar Ahmed Khan told Chitral Times  that he rushed to the spot well before fajr prayer when he received telephone calls from the stranded passengers as the loss of a single moment would led to deaths to many.

He said that the rescue was an arduous and perilous task to approach the place at higher altitude facing the blizzards but it was the strong will to save the people which enabled them to accomplish.



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