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     November 05,  2015



Amir JI KP demands of the Govt. to appeal world community to help earthquake affectees

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The amir of Jamaat-e-Islami, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mushtaq Ahmed Khan has demanded of the government to appeal to the world community to extend help and assistance in the rehabilitation of earthquake affected people in Chitral and elsewhere.

Addressing the oath taking ceremony of the amir of district chapter of the party here on Wednesday, he ridiculed the amount of compensation money for the damaged houses which was only 2 lakh and demanded to raise to at least one million rupees and 0.5 million rupees for the partially damaged.

He also demanded other facilities and concessions including waiving off the utility bills, provision of wheat from the warehouses of food department on half prices, at forty percent special subsidy on the prices of petrol and diesel to the affected people.

Mr. Khan said that the time was running out for the rehabilitation of the quake affected people as the winter season was approaching fast while snowfall in the higher altitude had already started for which he demanded acceleration of the process on emergency basis to allay their suffering.

He claimed that his party was active in extending all possible support and assistance to the affected people and said the head of the party Sirajul Haq instantly announced a large sum of 200 million rupees soon after the earthquake shook the area while the party workers were engaged round the clock in serving their affected brethren.

The JI leader said that the rulers of the country were not sincere to the land due although they were voted to power by the poor masses but they their voters while he asked the people to use their right of franchise sagaciously to make the country a prosperous and developed one.

He asserted that the day the people of the land recognized the strength of their votes, the process of development and progress will usher in as they will vote to power such people who had capacity, vision and uprightness to build the nation.

District nazim Maghfirat Shah, newly elected district amir of the party Maulana Jamshed Ahmed also spoke on the occasion.

Earlier, the provincial amir of JI, administered oath to the district amir Maulana Jamshed and the amirs of different tehsils.



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