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     November 24,  2015



Residents of Broghil warns the govt. to migrate Tajikstan

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The residents of Baroghil valley flanking the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan, have made a frantic appeal to the prime minister for rushing to their rescue as the valley is imperiled by food crisis due to the earlier onset of winter season and accumulation of more than two feet snow.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, the nazim of village council Baroghil Amin Jan, naib nazim Elyas Khan, councilor Nadir Khan and chairman of Baroghil Yarkhoon Support Organization, Umer Rafi said that the weather condition in the valley was unusual and the stock of food was quite insufficient to till the end of the extended winter season.

They said that no replenishment of food items is possible during the winter season as it was disconnected from the other parts of the district and in such a situation famine was feared in the valley.

They said that the warehouse of the food department located in the valley was without proper storage of wheat as the department failed to transport the quota of wheat to the area well in time this year.

The residents reminded the government that in such a situation due to the unusual conditions in 1975, the then prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had air dropped food both for the residents and their cattle.

They said that due to the earlier snowfall, the yaks have also lost their pastures where were left to graze freely and the perishing of the animals would deprive them from their chief source of sustenance as no agriculture was possible due to its high altitude.

The chairman of BLSO, Umar Rafi warned the government the residents of Baroghil will have no option other than migrating into Wakhan or Tajikistan if their food problem was not solved forthwith.



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