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     November 18,  2015


Pakistan Girl Guides Association AKYSBP Guides Engaged in Earthquake Relief Work

Chitral Times Report

CHITRAL: Rendering service and helping the community is an integral part of Girl Guiding. Ismaili Guides have always contributed to the development of the country and made a significant impression on people by their sustained effort during various national emergencies.

In the state of emergency imposed at Earthquake hit Chitral, Pakistan Girl Guides Association - AKYSBP Guiding Chapter has taken an initiative of helping the affected families. Funds were raised by guides through bake sales, junk collection, mini carnivals, selling handicraft, and jewelry; face painting for children, mehndi for ladies etc.

In three villages – Reshun, Greenlasht and Zaieet – relief packets were distributed to 189 different households on 17th November 2015. Each packet contained rations for the family, as well as stationary supplies for the children, in order to encourage the continuation of education. Each family received 2 kg sugar, 3 kg rice, 1 kg ghee, 2 kg lentils, 3 notebooks, 6 pencils, 6 erasers, 6 sharpeners and 6 rulers. Other than that, in order to encourage healthy lifestyle during leisure time, sports materials were also provided to the children of the affected families.

Dr. HinaVelji – Commissioner, AKYSBP Guiding Chapter said, “Ismaili guides throughout Pakistan put in arduous efforts to raise funds in order to support various communities in Chitral who have lost nearly everything including their houses, lands and loved ones. We are proud of our guides who have demonstrated the spirit of community service during this tragedy.”



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