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     November 15,  2015


Snow leopards attacks the herd of goats, kills several

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Panic has gripped the village of Parkusap village in Mastuj tehsil here on Saturday when two snow leopards attacked the herd of goats near the village and killed three goats and devoured their flesh in front of the villagers.

One Darwesh Khan of the village told Chitral Times  on phone that on Saturday evening, his son was herding the goats from the pasture to the village when all of sudden two snow leopards launched onslaught on the goats.

He said that hearing the screaming of the boy, he rushed to the spot along with other villagers and saw the hungers animal beasts devouring the flesh and they came back to their homes as the dusk enveloped the area.

He said that the appearance of the pair of the leopards has filled the villagers with fear and horror and they have confined themselves to their homes and no one dared to come out of their houses while they cannot fire at the animal as the species is endangered one.

The wild cat has been spotted in any part of the district after three years while it is believed that they have descended to the lower altitude due to the snow in the higher altitude.

The divisional forest officer of wildlife division, Syed Fazal Baqi Kaka Khel had no information about the incident and said that his staff will submit him written report later on when contacted by Chitral Times .

He had no idea of what to do to protect the villagers and their livestock against the wild beast except saying that he will send the report of the loss of wild life to the higher authorities for compensation.



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