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     October 26,  2015



Sever intensity earthquake hit Chitral-death toll reaches 22

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: Twenty two persons died and about one hundred received injuries when earthquake of severe intensity hit the area on Monday afternoon while the number of the dead may increase as the news are pouring in from different parts of the district.

Police control room put the figure of dead at 19 while filing of this report which included6 in the jurisdiction of Drosh, 4 from Chitral and Koghuzi police stations each, 3 in the area of police station Lot Koh, 2 each in the jurisdiction Booni and Mastuj and one in Kalash valley of Rumbur.

The sources in the DHQ hospital said that the number of injured was 165 but it was increasing sharply as the injured were being removed to the hospital from different parts of the district while three of the injured were shifted to Peshawar in precarious condition

The Tehsil hospitals of Booni and Drosh have received 75 and 84 injured respectively so far while a large number of injured were also received at tehsil hospitals of Garam Chashma and Shargram.

The number of muddy houses collapsing after the quake has been estimated at more than two hundred, says the regional program manager of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, an organization of Aga Khan Foundation, Amir Muhammad.

He said that as the jolting continued for more than three minutes, the people left the houses for safer places due to which the number of casualties is lesser than expected but it did increase the number of homeless people.

It is pertinent to note that more than 1500 people had already been rendered homeless by the flash flood that had hit the district in July last and had wreaked havoc with the physical infrastructures in large scale.

The land sliding as a result of the quake in Kuragh has blocked the Chitral-Booni road while the land sliding in Awi Lusht has closed the Booni-Mastuj road while the Chitral-Garam Chashma road remained intact for vehicular traffic.

The bazaar wore a deserted look soon after the jolting as the people rushed to their homes to enquire about the well being of their near and dear ones while the disappearance of the signals of cell phones embarrassed the people who failed to establish contact with their families.

Regarding the relief operations, deputy commissioner Chitral, Osama Ahmed Warraich told Chitral Times  that assessment was being made on emergency basis in all the major affected areas and food and non-food items will be dispatched by early Tuesday.

He said that a complete and comprehensive report about the damages of private properties and physical infrastructures will be compiled shortly to assess the overall loss caused by the quake.

(caption of the attached pix: A man stands in front his house collapsed due to the quake)



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