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     October 23,  2015



LG bodies to get Rs 144.42b this year- InayatUllah

Chitral Times Report

PESHAWAR: KP Senior Minister for Local Govt, Elections and Rural Development (LGE&RD) InayatUllah Khan has said that our sincerity to strengthen local govt bodies could be gauged from the fact that 30% funds of the provincial ADP have been transferred to it and unlike the past Rs one billion, they would receive colossal funds of Rs 42 billion and so many other powers the match of which could not be found elsewhere in the country.

Addressing the program “Guest Hour” at Press Club Peshawar, he revealed that a grand total resources of Rs 144.42 billion were being shifted to Local Government bodies including the development budget, salary, non salary and grants etc that is a big chunk of amount for real development and will prove milestone in cementing the foundations of Local Government system and translating aspirations of the masses to improve their standard of life, he added.

InayatUllah said decision has been made to distribute funds on basis of population in village and neighborhood councils while the set principle has been adopted for future to increase funds with increase of one thousand more population in any council. He said we considered Local Government bodies as nurseries of democracy and the more this system would stabilize the more our province and entire country will get progress and prosperity. He said the recent Local Government election infact laid foundation for revolution of people’s prosperity. He said though training and capacity building of Local Government representatives was being processed but they will get political and administrative maturity with the passage of time
Senior Minister said a Summary of salaries and allounces for Local Government reps at various levels has been moved to Finance Department and its approval would also solve this issue for good. However he said the Local Government reps have to avail the golden opportunity of Serving masses devotedly and also get blessings of Allah Almighty that must not be missed at any cost. To a question, InayatUllah said, his party was taken in confidence while re-joining QWP in cabinet. However he said JI is democratic party and we are happy on streamlining the cabinet so that more people come and utilize their capabilities to benefit masses. He said getting into the corridors of government was not our goal but our ultimate aim is to serve the nation in a befitting manner while whenever we felt the need, we will quit the government and ministerial slots so our intentions could not be doubted in this regard, he concluded.


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