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     October 15,  2015



Flood affectees of Brep village warned the govt for immediate relief

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The flash flood affected people of Brep village of Yarkhun valley have expressed their deep concern over the apathetic attitude towards them and have warned that they will stage a sit-in (dharna) in front of DC office along with children and women if no concrete steps are taken for their amelioration.

Addressing a press conference here, the elites of the village including Shakil Ahmed, Sahib Nadir, Baburuddin and others lamented that the government did not take a single step neither for their rehabilitation and providing food stuff nor restoring the physical infrastructures of drinking water and irrigation and communication schemes.

They said that the district administration has so far distributed 20 kg of wheat flour, 5kg ghee and 3 kg pulses among the 200 affected families of the village while the flood has rendered them totally indigent and homeless and they had no place to go in the winter season which is approaching fast.

They said that there was severe shortage of food as the affected people have totally lost their purchasing capacity and a famine is imminent in the village if the government or some charity organizations did not rush to their rescue.

The affected people castigated the World Food Organization for excluding the flood-hit village of Brep from its list for providing food package and said that the villagers were the worst affected of all other places which was preliminarily included in its list.

They also demanded of the government to settle them in Kagh Lusht by allotting them piece of land as the Brep village was constantly threatened by the glacial lake outburst flood in near future and the area has been declared to be red zone by the experts.



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