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     October 07,  2015



Flash-floods forced the labour to leave Chitral for earn livelihood 

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The devastating flash floods in the length and breadth of Chitral this summer has caused more outflow of unskilled labour from Chitral villages than the preceding years to leave for the down districts to earn livelihood.

The unprecedented multitude of Peshawar-bound passengers in Chitral city is corroborated by one of the managers of the city bus stand Noor Daraz who said that the number is more than three times than the last year.

He said that normally, five to seven flying coaches left from the stand on daily basis while it has increased to twenty plus during the past couple of weeks while the management of the stand faces shortage of vehicles to accommodate more number.

He said that a good number of passengers also traveled to upper Dir by land cruiser jeeps, taxi cars and private vehicles.

The unemployed youth folk in Chitral left for Peshawar and other cities of the country with the advent of winter season as the means of employment is very limited in Chitral and the work on construction sites also stood suspended due to the harsh weather rendering the labouers jobless.

As per survey conducted by a non-governmental organization some years ago in one of the union councils of upper Chitral, more than eighty percent of the unemployed youth left the villages for down district to seek employment in construction works and return in the end of spring season when they are needed here for farming works on their fields.

Mazhar Ali, working on poverty alleviation project with an NGO, fifty percent households derived their source of income by sending one or more of its male members to the down country in the winter season as the means of employment in the area is very limited.

He said that the widespread flash floods have weakened the already staggering financial position of the villagers worse than before leaving them with no option other than sending their unemployed youth to the major cities.

“They can not rely on a bag of wheat flour and rice with a tin of rice doled out by NGOs for their sustenance while they have also their agricultural products which has also adversely affected the livestock due to the unavailability of forage”, he said.



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