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     October 02,  2015



Sufism as a Path to Counter Extremism

The word Sufism is originated from the word suf which means “wool ”, and the word Sufi comes from Persian word which means wisdom. Sufism is not in isolated form but it is the spiritual dimension of Islam, and the process through which a person loves the inner/self.

Sufism does not relate to any particular religion or sect but, it belongs to all humanity. Classical Sufi scholars defined Sufism as, “a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God ”. According to Imam Ghazali in his book “Al Munqaz Min Alzalal ” conveys to the entire ummah, Sufis ’ method is complete with both knowledge and its implementation and their essence of  knowledge is that the inner will should be clear of all evil and immoral values so that the heart is purified of everything that takes away from ALLAH and the heart beautifies with remembrance of ALLAH.

Sufism is the path of the gradual awakening of the heart, and shows abstinence to his inner  will/wishes and always also looking simple.

The Sufi does not acknowledge differences of race, religion, belief system or any other  separation. Sufism does not believe in decisive message, it beliefs on unity and cohesion among human beings without any discrimination and with any status. Sufis central doctrine is love and always advises others through the path of devotion, truth and love. Sufi path is also known as open path, their way is very simple as all other methods, regardless of any religious beliefs,  doctrines, and spiritually open path and unbounded by concepts and their moral values are purer
than all others.

One may also imagine Sufism as a path encouraging people and to encounter themselves from  extremism. Today, only Sufism is capable of holding the torch of the way of peace, the way of good character, and the way of balance and communication with everybody from all over the world and teaches the knowledge of humanity. At the time of the Prophet (S.A.W) and his companions, the term Sufism “TASAWWUF is the purification of hearts ”, did not exist as a distinct  discipline. Rather it was inseparably present in the spirituality of Islam. It was a reality without a  name which was practiced in the daily lives of the companions through their spiritual initiation atthe hand of the Prophet. He was their ‘living model ’ and source of inspiration.

According to Sharah Sheik ul Islam Abi Yahya Zakariya Alansari, “Tasawwuf ” is the knowledge of those feelings with which one controls the will, purifies moral values, and develop the external and internal self, so that the man can get eternal benefit.

A Sufi ’s way of life is to love and be of service to people, obtain knowledge purely through  introspection, without any machinery deserting the ego or false self and all illusion so that one can reach maturity and perfection, and finally reach Allah, the True, the Real.

Farzana Khan
M.Sc Anthropology
Quaidi-i- Azam University Islamabad


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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