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     September 22,  2015



Flash floods keeps the people in working places during Eidul Azha

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The disaster followed by the flash floods two months ago in different parts of the district keeps the people of Chitral working in the other areas of the country from returning to Chitral on the occasion of forthcoming Eidul Az’ha.

The manager of a local bus stand in Chitral, Haji Khan told Chitral Times  here on Monday that the number of passengers coming from Peshawar, Rawalpindi/Islamabad and other parts of the country is quite low which used to surge on the occasions of Eid.

He said that the routine number of flying coach vehicles coming on daily basis was ten to twelve while with the approaching of Eid, it increased to double the number but this year, it remains almost unchanged.

One Rizwan Ali, one of the passengers reaching here from Rawalpindi, said that he works in a government office and has been visiting his village on the occasions of Eid regularly since the last twelve years as his parents and children lived here.

He said that, however, most of his Chitrali acquaintances in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad abstained this time coming to their villages due to the havoc wreaked by the flash floods blocking the roads and divesting the residents from the basic facilities of drinking water and electricity.

“I know a large number of my friends both in Peshawar and the twin cities who did not come to the Chitral due to the destruction caused by the flash floods in all parts of the district while the closure of a number of valleys for vehicular traffic is also the potent factor”, he said. .

The pleasant weather in Chitral in contrast of the scorching heat in the plain areas lured them to rush to their villages on this occasion, but this year, the villages lacked the basic facilities plus the closure of roads has discouraged them, he added.



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