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     September 16,  2015



Open letter to President, Polo Association Chitral

As your good self is well aware that Polo is integral part of Chitrali society and it is our tradition to welcome the dignitaries and guests by arranging Polo matches. It is prime responsibility of president of Polo Association to arrange such matches through civilian polo teams not by departmental teams. The logic behind is that the polo players of various Departments like Chitral Scout, Boarder Police and Chitral Police are already compensated through their jobs, horses and other polo accessories while Civilian Polo Players are keeping horses and afford polo Accessories by their own cost. Such Polo matches are the only opportunities to encourage the Civilian players. Due to lack of interest and poor capacity of your office bearer, DC office Chitral has hijacked such opportunities from the civilian players and arranging such matches either through their own team (Border Police) or Chitral Police etc, while civilian have no other opportunities to show their talent. Therefore it is my very humble request that being the president of Polo Association Chitral you may please tackle the situation seriously and reorganize your prestige Association otherwise due to dominancy of various departmental teams the result would be like Gilgit Polo teams that their performance at Shandur and quality of polo is deteriorating day by day. It is worth mentioning that Civilian teams are playing the role of nurseries and encourage youth to adopt polo as a career. Once the civilian teams vanished there will be no players available for the departments too.
With best regards

Altaf Ali Shah


mail @ chitraltimes@gmail.com

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