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     September 15,  2015





Due to long continued heavy rain and unexpected heat that caused glacier melting in the region, whole mountainous Chitral came under heavy flood of boulders and thick mud in July/August 2015  perishing quite a number of precious lives, large number of residential houses with all belongings, business centres (stores, petrol pumps, hotels & shops) mosques, farmland with standing crops, orchard of apples and apricots. Infrastructures like drinking water pipelines, roads and bridges, power houses with channels & distribution lines, poles and irrigation channels, the people of Chitral are facing acute problem of drinking water, irrigation water, electric light and more serious problem of being restrained into their villages. People of Mastuj sub division are unable to travel to rest part of the district due to mass destruction of the only connecting road at Kuragh and several other places inside  Mastuj, Torkhow & Mulkhow , Lotkoh and Kalash valleys. This has made some villages like that of villages of Amanul Mulk era.

Honorable Prime Minister visited Chitral in July 2015 and met selected persons including Head of political parties, Line Department Heads and some PML-N leaders and remarked that flood destruction in Chitral seen not that much as  reported by media.  Donít know what Prime Minister wanted to see Chitral. People of 90+ years not to have heard such a flood calamities in Chitral. 

It cannot be a fact but it is commonly said in Chitral that Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff has not been that much kind to Chitral in the past and hence not accepted that much. The fact is that people of Chitral have always been respectful and full supportive to their kind leaders standing by their parties during elections.  History shows and it is an admitted fact that people of Chitral have been recognizing, accepting, honoring and voting with love to all those who have done well to Chitral and to the people of Chitral, for example, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, General Pervez Musharaf and many other local and national leaders in Chitral. Prime Ministerís recent visit to Chitral and his announcements made for Chitral is no doubt remarkable and not forgettable and if executed Prime Minister will gain even more acceptance, respect  and heart felt love with honor from the people of Chitral. The announcements made are no doubt unforgettable for the people of Chitral. The announcements made are as under:-    

1.     Chitral Motor way Chakdara to Chitral.

2.     Completion of construction work on Lowari Tunnel by end 2016

3.     Rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure.

4.     Writing of agriculture loan.

People of Chitral might remember the day when they made a march towards Lowari Tunnel drawing the attention of the then Nawaz Government praying that people of Chitral are cut off from the rest part of the country and restrained inside Chitral when Government is inaugurating  Islamabad Peshawar motorway.

We are no doubt fortunate now that Prime Minister announced Chitral Motorway and completion of Lowari tunnel by end 2016. The people of Chitral shall no doubt be with Prime Minister if such mega projects are implemented for the long affected people of Chitral.  Our honorable Prime Minister must ensure that people of Chitral shall be with him even more than that have been with Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for projects undertaken in Chitral. Same day of announcement had an opportunity to have a meeting with our MNA, heard all about PM announcement and floated an idea with request to speak and work on it. The idea was that construction of Motorway should be started from Chitral.  We the people of Chitral should now anxiously wait for start of Motorway and  completion of Lowari Tunnel by end 2016. Our leaders and representatives to follow it up on regularly basis and learned writers & journalist to speak and write on it building pressure on concerned department & officials.

The people of Chitral at the same time are thankful and highly appreciate the role of media and also the services and support in the form of urgent relief to the affectees by Pak Force, Aga Khan Development Network FOCUS,  Alkhidmat Foundation , Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation, Abdul Wali Khan University, Chitral Police and individuals for providing drinking water to the needy people of Chitral.



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