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     September 08,  2015



130 Corors Rupees recovered during two years ............. Attaullah Toru Director anti-corruption KP

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The director anti-corruption establishment, Attaullah Toru has expressed his firm resolve to show zero tolerance towards corruption in the public offices and said that during the last one year of his posting, he had hotly pursued the corrupt and recovered a large sum of 130 crores of rupees arresting more than six hundred persons.

Talking to local media during his visit to Chitral here on Tuesday, he said that during the preceding year, the number of arrests was only 24 while only 6 crores of money looted and plundered from the treasury was recovered.

He said that the provincial government has already announced a crusade against the corruption and the corrupt and has strengthened the department extending to it a maximum degree of independence of action by making it totally free from political interference.

Mr. Toru also claimed that during the last one year, reckless action was taken against corruption and arrested the government officers of the level of provincial secretary of the departments while politicians were nabbed even belonging to the ruling party.

“I take suo motto action of the news items published in the print media and always request the media persons to highlight authentic reports about corruption, bungling and misuse of power leading to weakening of institutions”, he said.

“All the different segments of the society including the media should lend their all out support to the department to divulge the corrupt who have hold the society in hostage which is giving birth to mad scramble for wealth”, he said.

He said that those involved in the illegal cutting of trees of the forest in Chitral will not be spared while the government has already sent home a number of senior forest officers of the department in this connection.

He expressed his utter dissatisfaction over the deteriorating situation of service in the DHQ hospital and said that the stinking environment was troublesome for him as the state of cleanliness was at its lowest ebb.

Such mismanament is also a kind of corruption and action will be taken agasint the responsible if the condition was not improved, he said adding that the tendency of truancy of teachers from the public sector schools will also be taken a cognizance of.



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